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The Dead Easy Way To Make Div X Movies From Dvd's!

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The dead easy way to make DivX-movies from DVD's!This tutorial is based entirely on experience and not at all on technical insight, therefore I know this works fine and I will now share it with you.There will be no pictures, just a step by step recipe on how to do the conversion.You need:1.PC with a DVD player installed2.Any kind of DVD software player3.The DVD you want to convert4.The program "Smartripper 202".5.The program "Flask Mpeg 594"6.Some kind of bitrate calculator, I prefer "Advanced DivX Bitrate Calc!Version 1.8"7.The DivX;-) codec8.And finally a MP3 codec. "Radium" is a good one.Install all programs from number 4-8 on you computer according to the on-screen instructions.Now the ripping and packing itself:1.Insert the DVD to rip into your DVD-player2.Start the DVD softwareplayer.3.Let the film begin to play, be sure to get to the movie itself, commercials or FBI-ads and such in the beginning will not do.4.Press "pause" !5.Start Smartripper and wait for the user interface to come up.6.Smartripper will know what to rip so you just have to point the "Target"-directory to some place on your harddisk that can hold some 4-8 Gb of data7.Press "Start !"8.After some time the Smartripper will inform you that the ripping is complete.9.Close Smartripper.10.Close Your DVD-softwareplayer.11.Start Flask !12.Press "File" and choose "Open File"13.Browse to the directory where you saved the DVD-rip and point to the first file with the extension ".vob"14.Flask will now analyse the file.15.Depending on wich language you want, you must choose audio-track. English is almost every time the track "0x80"16.Press "Flask it!"17.Start Advanced bitrate calc18.Choose what size you want the movie to be. ( 650Mb, 1 CD 74 Minutes is the most common format.)19.Make input sound rate 96Kb/s Stereo and 1 audiostream.20.Fill inn the length of the movie in minutes.21.The number in Blue text will change as you do this. It is the bitrate you can use on this rip , remember this number.22.Close Advanced bitrate calc23.Go back to Flask Mpeg24.Go to "Options" and "Output format options"25.Press "Select video codec"26.Choose "DivX;-) Mpeg4 fast motion" ("Slow motion" makes bigger files and are not specially designed for "calm"...

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