The Dead Sea Is Dying Essay

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Dead Sea on Death BedThe rapid depletion of the Dead Sea is an environmental atrocity. The reason atrocity is used in comparison with what is occurring to the Dead Sea is, because humans are the problem. The first dilemma and by far the greatest is the diversion of 90 percent of the Jordan River for usage in Israel, Jordan, and Syria. The subsequent problem is pollution and the development of hotels, spas, and solar evaporation ponds in the local area around the Dead Sea. The last, but certainly not least, of the troubles for the Dead Sea is turmoil in the region. The diversion of the Dead Seas primary source of water is cause for concern.It seems that the first solution to the depletion of the Dead Sea should be to discontinue diverting so much water to Israel, Syria, and Jordan. "Experts say there is virtually no chance authorities will ever agree to stop diverting water from the JordanRiver", John Vause a CNN News Correspondent writes. The Jordan River is the primary source of water for some of these countries; therefore diversion really is not an option. Another solution to replenish the Dead Sea is to pump water from the Red Sea. This solution can be more harmful than helpful. "If indeed the mixing of the sea water will cause serious and significant environmental changes, it is better to leave the situation as it is", writes Vause, quoting Dr. Amos Bein from the Israel Geological Survey. 10 percent of the Jordan is all that is left to refill the Dead Sea and still people look to use its water.The industrialization of the Dead Sea is accountable for a large percentage of water evaporation. The solar evaporation ponds "are responsible for 30 percent of the total water evaporation" for the purpose of producing salt, chemicals, and metals (see The increasing number of hotels being constructed in the vicinity of the Dead Sea will bring more tourists and a...

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