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The Deadly Particles That Hide In The World’s Air Supply

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Present day technology would not exist if it was not for the Industrial Revolution. In the mid eighteenth century James Watt created the steam engine, allowing Britain to produce and distribute energy resources faster than any other country, at the time. This caused other countries to become more dependent on Britain for all energizing products. Britain held all the components that were needed to make energy, such as hydrocarbon fuels, coal, iron, oil and natural resources. As time progressed, so did the demand for the resources. The demand caused many urban living citizens to move from their remote homes to the city, because there was an overwhelming need for factory workers and miners. Finding a home within the city limits became scarce for many families, because the continuous demand for workers caused homes to become occupied quickly. The living conditions in the city were very unsanitary; the houses were built quickly, resulting in a lack of support and unsteadiness. The technological advancements in the mid-1700s, known as the Industrial Revolution, produced substances that continue to effect the environment today.
The machine that began, and continued to cause, air pollution in the mid-1700s was the Steam Engine. The Steam Engine was originally created, by Thomas Savery in 1698, to solve the problem of pumping out the water in the coal mines. Savery’s assistant, Thomas Newcomen worked to make improvements on the Steam Engine, eventually creating a Steam Engine that contained no limits on the amount of steam it could hold at a given time. In 1765, James Watt was assigned to improve Newcomen’s machines, although it was best machine of its time, it became very inefficient. In 1769, the newest model of the Steam Engine was finished with a more efficient valve; this particular Steam Engine by Watt was the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.
The Steam Engine caused many people their jobs and many citizens began to protest against the possible threat the engine may cause. The invention of the transcontinental railroad and revolutionized transportation in many countries were mad by the Steam Engine in the mid eighteenth century. The Steam Engine caused many lumber men their jobs, because technological advancements made the house building process faster. The main problem the Steam Engine caused was pollution of the air supplies; mainly thermal and chemical pollution. The thermal pollution was produced by the unnecessary amounts of heat being released by the engine into the atmosphere. The chemical pollution was created by the coal, because when coal is heated it releases chemicals such as carbon into the atmosphere. Carbon is the main component in coal, which is one reason why heating coal is harmful to the air supplies.
One of Britain’s most prized passions was their coal production. Coal at this time was used for all energy demands; as it was being shipped worldwide. Most cities at the time were using coal open fires and kitchen ranges,...

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