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The Lack Of Knowledge On Public Health

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Do you know to determine the status of your personal health? Are you one of 80 million Americans who do not understand how to use the resources given for you?
As studies have show those who are not health literate are more prone to getting greater emergency hospitalization, bigger medical bills and errors in the medication you are given. Health literacy was used in 1974 by k. simonds, he wrote a paper on the subject for grade K-12. Goals about the importance of knowing how to determine your health and keeping it up to date, even though that open doors and people started to slowly ponder on the article written it was not until years later it slowly started being a need instead of a want. As time passes very few including the government started analyzing the importance of health literacy.
But it was not until 1999 did the Council of Scientific Affairs of the American Medical Association officially recognize and define functional health literacy as
“The ability to read and comprehend prescription bottles, appointment slips,
And the other essential health-related materials required to successfully
Function as a patient”
Studies of health literacy show that several Americans with health care needs have little skills to understand information required to navigate and function in the U.S. health care system. This research paper defines health literacy as an important policy issue and offers strategies for creating a better health literate America. But the problem still reamin many people do not pay enough attention to understand how this all work. Having to rely on your doctors or hospitals is still a lack of knowledge which could save many people a trip. If one knows what is the cause of his or her health she is already aware of the illness, not only does it saves them time but it also gives that medical facility an idea of whats needed to help the victim better. So health literacy is extremely important.

Being health literate could save million of lives and also save that person a lot of time, money, effort.
As it stated in perspective in public health by lizzy hay, those who are health literate have a major advantage over the ones who do not. As she states in her major point in the practice of being health literate, it is not just about being able to read the information it is also being able to make important choices that can ether be a pro or a con to ones health.
“According to the most recent data from the UNESCO Institute for Statistics,
There are an estimated 759 million adults lacking minimum literacy skills in the
World Health literacy, however, is not just about people’s ability to read and
Understand health information but also includes the capacity to obtain, process
And engage in basic health information and services and subsequently making
Suitable health decisions”
A personal example of the importance of being health literate, waking up one morning with a bump above the eyelid. Someone who lacks health...

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