The Death March: Lessons Learned From The Holocaust

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Unfortunately tyranny and oppression has many examples in history .One of the worst ones is the Nazis from the Second World War. The Nazi death camps and the stories told by eyewitnesses about the inhuman treatment of individuals are a reminder of those horrible days . We should tell the stories and listen to these eyewitnesses to make sure that history does not repeat itself. We also should speak out against Holocaust denials and against oppressive governments. The world population including Europeans and Americans can be blamed partially for this cruel tragedy because they looked the other way when there were early indications of improper treatment of Jews and minorities in Europe. These nations not only dismissed the anecdotal warning signs but even bought into the Nazi propaganda for a long time. Tyranny and oppression were used by the Nazis, then the Communists, but the world and its people still have not learned from the past, and are not willing to stand up against it. It is difficult to understand the cruelty of the human race.

I was reading the stories of the Death March of 1944-45, and I could not stop thinking about all those people who had to walk hundreds of miles in the winter. The death march was the last segment of World War two, but there was a long history before it. It started at the concentration camps in Germany. All Jews and other minority groups were transported to different locations. There were two different types of camps. There were the death camps, and concentration camps. The stories of the concentration camps were horrific, but nobody survived to tell the stories of the death camps. In the concentration camps kids were separated from their parents. Families were torn apart. Incredible physical suffering was part of the normal life. Those days were awful for somebody who was a Jew. As soon as people arrived to the concentration camp, they were separated by gender and age. Many of the elderly, small kids, pregnant woman, and the sick were taken to death camps, where they were killed right away because the Nazis felt they were no use. In the death camps the Nazis made them stand in line, take all their cloth off and take them to a building to take a “bath.” Nobody left the building alive. Nobody survived the death camps, only the concentration camps. The only historical facts are the pictures taken by Nazis, and their books where they kept an inventory of their “work.” The Nazis systematically exterminated over six million people from all races. Sadly there are oblivious Holocaust denier regimes and individuals all over the word. Their denial could be the start of another horrific and terrific event.

Many people believe that the only people taken to concentration camps were the Jews, but many other minorities were part of the genocide. In Hungary they took all Gypsies, Christians, or anybody who voiced their opinion against Hitler and his regime. The police would pick up and send anybody to these camps if they...

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