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The Death Of A Poet Essay

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Emily Dickinson was a very thoughtful and distinct poet who wrote many great works of poetry. Most of her poems make use of unique combinations of capitalization and punctuation to introduce metaphors. These metaphors also have literal meaning. In order to use these metaphors, Dickinson normally puts her poems in the first person perspective, giving the impression that the poem is being given to you by the speaker rather than from herself. “I heard a Fly buzz---when I died---“ is a great example of this first-person perspective use of metaphor to describe the final thoughts of a person at the end of their life.
As the poem opens, the speaker is introduced, a person who is thinking through their final thoughts as death approaches. In line 1, the speaker hears the buzzing of a fly, or rather, the words of some unwanted guest in the room. This person who should not be there is the only one making any sound in an otherwise quiet room. Lines 2 and 3 illustrate this with the rest of the family waiting quietly, and then the rest of the world simply being apathetic towards the plight of the speaker. This makes the throes of death that much more painful, coming like the “Heaves of Storm” in line 4. The poem is now set for the thoughts that follow in the next three paragraphs and through the speaker’s last dying thoughts.
The situation now set up, the other people in the room are shown and their actions are depicted. Line 5 has all the people in the room, except for the unwanted guest, no longer crying and just simply waiting for the speaker to pass away. The time for mourning has begun for them, the initial tears of pain have passed and they have had a chance to say good-bye. The speaker’s...

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