The Death Of A Soldier Essay

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The Death of a Soldier
Out of the corner of my eye I saw a large camp. Men and women suffering at the hands of these Nazi criminals. We closed in on the camp rifles raised, sweat pouring down our head. We got to the last woodline before the camp when we stopped.
“Abraham you circle around the back,” I whispered “ Zelda you go around to the right.”
“Who put you in charge,” said Zelda angeraly
“I was put in charge when this became personal,” I said grabbing Zelda and hitting him off a near by three.
I moved in on the front gate and crouched. I waited for the two men to come into sight then jumped up shot the man on the right in the chest, turned and shot the man on the left in the head. I took two steps forward and jumped over the fence. To my left Abraham had just shot two Nazis on patrol. To my right Zelda had shot a man in the head then turned to his left just in time to see a bullet slam into him right below his ribs. I looked over at him he let out a scream then waved his hand twice which was the signal to go on without him. I rushed to meet Abraham behind what looked like a base for the Germans inside the camp. I met Abraham behind the base, we were both panting like our dogs back at home after we ran early in the morning.
“I'll take the base, you start freeing the prisoners,” I whispered to Abraham.
“How am I supposed to do that,” Abraham asked me with a tone of confusion.
“With these,” I said smiling and throwing him a set of keys that had once hung from a Nazis belt.
“Okay what do you want me to do when I find them,” asked Abraham.
“Round them up and meet me at the back, and we do not leave without mom,” I told him.
I saw the only window in whole base jumped up and kicked it in. To my left boots coming down the hallway the annoying rat tat tat. The door swing open and the man started spraying his machine gun, fireworks flying through the room. I hit the floor lifted my rifle shoot the man in the foot. The man was a crashing plane spiraling toward the ground as he hit the ground is shot him in the head. I cleared out the first floor killing anyone in my way. On the second floor there were three rooms a armory, a office, and a sleeping quarters. I entered the sleeping quarters. Three sleeping vultures waiting for roadkill to please their appetite. The men sat up, and I made them line up side by side. I shot the first man in the head, the bullet passed through him and killed the other two men. The room a splatter painting of blood.
Abraham killed all the men outside of the base...

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