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The Death Of Love And Hatred

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When people today think of the Texas Judicial System, we think of the death penalty. Or in some way, the courts either not being fair enough or too fair for one's crime. In Machiavelli's "The Prince", the prince has a thought of committing the pain of death without hesitation. The prince says "And if, as sometimes happens, he finds that he must inflict the penalty of ...view middle of the document...

His justification may be all he needs for killing someone, but his justification may be different than that of his subjects. Whatever reason he may think is justifiable for someone, may not match what his subjects feel is justifiable as well. This can cross the line between love and hate. The prince, in this way, obviously makes himself feared by others, and not loved. Just like in the Texas Judicial System, what one judge or jury may think of the crime committed, may not seem justifiable to the murderer or his family and friends. What the subjects feel takes effect on whether the prince is loved or hated. However, there is a fine line between hatred and fear. They could fear the prince, but love him at the same time. Although, they could hate him because of his choices and conclusions which eliminates the love that may come whether fear is present or not. If the prince feels that one should be punished and executed, just as Texas feels a lot of the time, he may be hated, leaving no room for love or remorse for him.

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