The Death Of My Italian Grandmother

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I remeber seeing the tearso on my grandmothers face when she looked into my eyes for the last time. I still wonder whether she was emotional due to fact that i was leaving Italy , or perhaps she knew when she looked at me that it was our last moment together . Its hard to believe that seven years have passed since i sat with my grandmother on her balcony , seven years since i went shopping with her , and seven years since our last moment together.

Finding out about my grandmothers death was the saddest moment in my life . I didn't understand . I didn't expect it to happen , not to me . I wondered why god had taken an important person away from my life , ad for that i felt confused and miserable . I cried for hours that day . Nothing could have brought me joy that day but the presence of my grandmother , but she was gone and i found it hard to overcome the situation.

I arrived in Italy two days afteri was informed about the death. Stepping out of the airoplane was one of the most breathtaking moments of my life because i felt her presence when a ruush of muld air struck me aswell as being surrounded with a sky ablaze with colours . When i seen my uncle at the airport exit , i reilized how much i loved my familyjust by the look that he gave me . He tried hard to smile , but i knew that inside , he was troubled due to the death , but considering that he was just trying to seem happy just to make me feel better made me reilise the importance of my family and i was very greatful.

That night i stayed in my uncles house and then we left early in the morning to visit my grandfather, when we arrived outside the appartment , i was hit with flashbacks of all of the great memories i had with my grandparents We rang the buzzer , but there was no answer from my grandfather ,, we began to panick but after only a fiew seconds we seen him walking across the road from the supermarket . He was walking very slowly and he seemed tired and sorrowful , his back was hunched and i could tell he wasn't the same without my grandmother and he missed her badly. i was devistaded to see him like that , i rushed over to him and i took his shopping...

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