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The Death Of The Legendary King Arthur

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The legend of King Arthur has intrigued generations for over a thousand years. Over these years, this tapestry has been handed down through the hands of many gifted storytellers. Bits and pieces were taken out and replaced by new strands woven in to fabricate a slight variation of the original that’s suitable for the audience or perhaps the storyteller himself. These modifications are evident in the 1981 film of Excalibur and Thomas Malory’s “Le Morte d’Arthur” published in 1485. The film incorporates magical acts while religious allusions are portrayed in the text. There are several characters that appeared in one but not the other. The two versions have the same essential elements, but with some alterations. The main changes in the story plot are the events leading to the battle and the battle itself. The two versions have the same essential elements, but with some alterations.
“Le Morte d’Arthur” has many religious aspects that are not shown in Excalibur. The film tries to portray the tale as an allegory of the cycle of birth, life, and decay. There are three main allusions in the reading. The snake that bit the knight and initiated the battle represents the serpent that deceived Eve in the garden of Eden and released all the evils into the world. The snakes in King Arthur’s nightmare could also be a foreshadowing of his death. However, in the movie, snakes did not appear at all. Another allusion is when Arthur asks Sir Bedivere to throw Excalibur into the lake. Bedivere lies to Arthur two times before he finally obeys. This is very similar to Peter’s...

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