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The Death Penalty And Its Necessity

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A devastated, victimized family mourns the loss of Dawn Garvin, a young woman who had recently been murdered for an unknown cause. Many families across the nation face this pain and regret in their lives everyday as they must live through the deaths of their loved ones. What should we do to prevent these tragic events from happening? As many people would say, "The death penalty should be enforced to keep the criminals off the streets." Also, with the death penalty, justice is served to the people of the United States. 2 out of every 3 people support the death penalty, with 65% of the population promoting it. I believe that the death penalty should be allowed because it provides increased public safety for the society, lowers murder rates, and it brings justice to a constitutional matter.First of all, the death penalty should increase the public safety of the community and the individuals of that community. If the criminals were to be on the loose, there would be a constant fear of murder and death. As a report from BBC News, the Afghanistan Maximum Security Prison experienced a prison riot on February 2nd, in which criminals escaped from their cells through the roof ceilings, lit fire to the prison, and made weapons by using daily utensils such as toothbrushes. In an attempt to settle the riot, some police officers were injured and some criminals were killed. The fact that the criminals could break out of such a highly protected place is very scary thought. I am positive that nobody would want to worry day and night in fear that a murderer may be on the loose in their own neighborhood. However, this may become a reality if the death penalty is not enforced. Also, with the death penalty, there is no chance that a released murderer would revert back to his own ways. If we set an example by lessening the punishment for murdering, sooner or later, we will have a bunch of dangerous criminals roaming the streets. With this addition to the population, taxes will rise as government must be able to provide the prisoners with free food, shelter and clothing. What's more, this money spent for the prisoners will come right out of the people's pockets. It may even be that you are providing sustenance to the murderer that killed your loved one! Public safety is only one reason why the death penalty should be enforced.Secondly, the death penalty reduces murder rate in the community. The death penalty has been proven to be a deterrent to crimes, according to past experiences. Many of the would-be murderers would have to think twice about their decision and the consequences that would affect their family and friends if they were to commit a crime. From recent studies, the United States of America was found to have some of the highest crime rates. In other countries where the death penalty was enforced, crime rates were lower. This also means fewer prisons for the criminals, and...

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