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The Death Penalty And Youth Offenders

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The death penalty is the punishment of execution given to someone legally who is convicted of a crime. Nowhere in this definition does it say the age necessary to be sentenced the death penalty. A murder convicted by an adolescent is just the same as a murder convicted by an adult. The death penalty is a serious consequence and should be sentenced to the appropriate criminal no matter the age. The death penalty should be available to be sentenced to certain crimes to prevent the youth from committing a much more serious crime. Some youth criminals are unable to be rehabilitee and then the world saves one from becoming a sociopath.
The death penalty is the best method used as a consequence to youth offenders. Even though the death penalty sounds horrible, the crime that the criminal did was even worse. The punishment can also be used as a deterrent to stop other minors from committing the same crime. Giving the death penalty does not only punish that individual, but also teaches other minors a lesson by making them not want to go through the criminals punishment as well. Chances are that an adolescent criminal has multiple friends around the same age that would be told of the incident, as the criminal’s friend they will then realize that being around those types of kids is not good. Also, they will see how badly affected the criminals friends and family are for their horrible crime and not want to do the same. In the article “The Death Penalty for Juvenile Offenders,” Judy Regan and Ann Alderson, directors at the Tennessee Department of Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities, declare “the type of punishment chosen by state legislators and courts for juveniles who kill should attempt to deter future juvenile offenders” (par. 12). Society needs to take the death penalty into more consideration when dealing with juvenile criminals. Not only to punish the criminal even though that is most important, but also scares other adolescents away from committing the same crime in fear of the death penalty.
In most situations criminals who kill, molest, or hurt innocent people cannot be rehabilitated and have something wrong with them. These criminals that find amusement in these crimes are psychopaths without even knowing. They have no feelings or empathy for the victim they are hurting and only care about oneself. These criminals feel the need to hurt the victims for something simple and undeserving as what they are wearing or how they look. In an article “What Makes Serial Killers Tick” Shirley Lynn Scott states “Psychopaths/sociopaths are diagnosed by their purposeless and irrational antisocial behavior, lack of conscience, and emotional vacuity” (par. 3). Psychopaths and sociopaths could be minors. They find thrill and pleasure in hurting other by their lack of conscious. They do not filter their ideas of wanted to hurt someone and follow through with it as if they have no feelings or thoughts at all. Often times when a criminal is let go...

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