The Death Penalty Discussion Essay

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The Death Penalty Discussion

In today’s world terrible crimes are being committed daily. Many
people believe that these criminals deserve one fate; death. Death
penalty is the maximum sentence used in punishing people who kill
another human being and is a very controversial method of punishment.
Capital punishment is a legal infliction of death penalty and since
ancient times it has bee used to punish a large variety of offences.
Criminals convicted of murder or rape need to be executed because they
are danger to society and the human race. Other people still argue
that one method of execution is just as brutal as the next.

The common sense argument that death is the best deterrent of crime
rests on the belief that people fear death more than anything else. If
this is true, then threatening a person with death will have greater
effect on their behaviour than any other threat. The prevailing
thought would be that of imposing death penalty would act to dissuade
other criminals from committing violent acts. Although the United
Kingdom signed the convention on human rights to abolish death penalty
in 1983, other countries around the world still practice death
penalty. Abolition of death penalty, is a condition of membership in
the European union and as an organisation, vigorously opposes the
death penalty worldwide. Never less the abolition of the death penalty
in most Eu countries has brought a lot of arguments.

The absence of capital punishment in the United Kingdom has marked a
civilised society, other people might argue. Some of the things that
happen on our streets today and in people’s homes certainly do not
constitute a civilised behaviour. The same point would be argued with
those countries that practice death penalty. Society and its mixed
feelings towards the death penalty; capital punishment is such a harsh
and uncivilised way of treating criminals, but do they look at how the
criminals are acting towards ending other human beings life. They do
not care about the lives they have destroyed, or, the families of
their victims. The death penalty can never bring back loved ones back
to their families. It seems rationally to think that if potential
killers are aware that if they commit serious crimes they would be put
to death for it, they are less likely to commit these crimes again.

The concept of retribution and justice should bestow to society. This
is imperative for peace to be maintained and that justice is served.
If criminals were allowed to get away with such a serious crime as
taking a humans life fear and chaos would rule. Sentence for life in
prison will not be substantial enough. The government must be trusted
to protect its innocent citizens from further crimes. A vast
conception concerning death penalty is that it saves society the costs
of keeping inmates...

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