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The Death Penalty For Juvinilles Essay

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According to Dieter, "the federal courts do not see the death penalty unconstitutional as long as the defendant was not deprived of his or her due process rights" [16]. Furthermore, Dieter indicates that," the death penalty is not in violation of constitutional law as it existed at the time the Eighth Amendment was adopted" [16]. Capital punishment is utilized to impose the ultimate sanction on those who committed unspeakable criminal acts violating the law of this land. This includes those who are considered juveniles who committed these type of crimes when they were under the age of eighteen.
People have a right to live without fear that someone in society may commit such heinous ...view middle of the document...

What to do need to protect society from these killers? Capital punishment.
Opponents of the death penalty and juveniles will contest constitutional law because of biological factors such as development and age. But, would it be cheaper to have juvenile offender incarcerated. with the commodities of food, air, water, and shelter. The only thing is that they can not do anything they please or go anywhere they want . Moreover, opponents indicate that mental issues may develop because of the prison environment. All in all, no one put them there but themselves. They committed a crime and did not measure the damage and consequences associated with the it.
Juveniles who commit heinous crimes are subject to prison time including capital punishment if constitutional law is not violated. Edwards provides an illustration of a crime committed by a juvenile offender, "Kevin Stanford, committed crimes which included, theft, robbery, rape and murder of a twenty year old gas station attendant and mother. Stanford was sentenced to death" [ 12 ]. Was this sentence appropriate? For the crimes committed, did this juvenile offender deserve capital punishment? Edwards explains that, "Justice Scalia indicates that capital punishment for a crime committed at the age of sixteen or seventeen does not meet cruel and unusual punishment if any of the acts were not considered cruel and unusual when the Bill of Rights were adopted" [ 12 ].
Furthermore, Edwards indicates, "Justice Scalia states that maturity is neither universal nor significant enough to justify a rule excluding juveniles from the death penalty as long as individualized consideration to each individual and crime is given under constitutional requirements without violation of the supreme law" [ 12 ]. Many people that oppose the death sentence seem to focus on the age of the juvenile offender because they are not responsible enough and/or mature enough. It is why it is stated that juveniles are not allowed to...

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