The Death Penalty For The Greater Good

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On Tuesday, July 29, 1981, eight year-old Cheryl Ziemba, and her four year-old brother, Christopher, bodies were found in a coal dump in Old Forge, Pennsylvania. Only two days after the bodies were discovered, fifteen-year old, Joseph Aulisio, a member of the search party, was arrested for the murders. He had lured the two kids into a house that was under construction and owned by his father and shot them from only 10 feet away, Cheryl was shot in the head and Christopher had been shot in the chest. To this day there has been no motive established as to why Aulisio wished to kill these two kids. Nearly a year later in May 1982, a jury sentenced the then sixteen year-old to death, who was casually chewing gum when the jurors presented him with his sentence and then turned to his dad and pumped his fist in the air yelling “It’s party time!”. It has been 34 years since that conviction, and Aulisio ...view middle of the document...

Is it just to determine whether someone deserves to live? Or is it better if that person were to be completely eliminated from society? I believe in accordance with the philosophy of utilitarianism it is better to enforce the death penalty in order to benefit the greater good. Today, there are thirty-two states where the death penalty is legal; the other eighteen have abolished it as long ago as Michigan in 1846 to as recent as Maryland in 2013. I believe that this should be changed. I believe that the death penalty should be enforced nationwide.
Many people believe that the number one reason we should not enforce the death penalty is morality and God. They believe that we should not have the choice, who deserves to live or die; that the power of that decision is too much for the human race to handle. Those against the enforcement of the death penalty put too much concern into the wellbeing of one bad person though, and ignore the wellbeing of many.
Utilitarianism is the philosophy they need to learn to focus on when it comes to dealing with whether or not the death penalty should be enforced. Utilitarianism is the belief that a morally good action is one that helps the greatest number of people. With that thought in mind, how can a person not see the benefits to enforcing the death penalty. If we enforced it we would reduce taxes, reduce murder rates, and
If the state executes for murder it would deter many citizens from executing a murder.
Though I believe the death penalty should be enforced nationwide, I do believe it should not be taken lightly. In order for the death penalty to be even on the table, the person must be on trial for committing a murder. The murder must not have been vehicular manslaughter, but the murder that was committed could either be a crime of passion or premeditated. I also believe that serial rapists and child molesters should be able to receive the death penalty. Rapists and child molesters are people that can simply not be helped. They’re mentally unwell, and it would follow the idea of utilitarianism to eliminate them from society in order to protect and benefit the greater good.

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