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The Death Penalty Or Capital Punishment

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While capital punishment may never be the most pressing issue in our hectic, day-to-day lives, it merits our attention nevertheless because of what it symbolizes-institutionalized violence. Just as people without cancer or HIV should care about what the government is doing to help find a cure for AIDS and other deadly diseases, we should all pay attention to what our government is doing in our names. For when a government executes someone, it sends the ill-conceived message that the use of violence against already incarcerated individuals is acceptable. (Bessler, John D.)
The death penalty and capital punishment as a whole has existed for centuries, with the first death penalty laws dating ...view middle of the document...

As this opposition increased, the ways in which the executions were preformed evolved as well. These innovations did slightly ease the consciences of many, as the practice seemed less barbaric and more standardized, but whether it was the guillotine, the noose, gas chamber, the electric chair, lethal injection, or anything in-between, the result was the same. It is wild to think that Thomas Edison’s introduction of electricity and its ability to kill animals would spark an idea that humans could also be killed by similar means. Yet this was “humane”. This was improvement. Despite this innovation, the death penalty remained under close speculation, as soon as one began to truly ponder the concept, a rush of panic could quickly ensue: “Our government is killing our people!” with no further thought into the when, why, or how.
The death penalty was abolished as early as 1853 from the state of Wisconsin, yet Maryland abolished the penalty only last year, in 2013. Thirty-two states still use the penalty today, although the number of cases in which they do so has decreased dramatically since say, the Reign of Terror. It is important to look at our countries use of this penalty from a world-wide point of view. Is this ratio in our states considered alarming? Are we seen as barbaric from the countries around us? In 2008 by country the United States clocked in at number four in the amount of confirmed government initiated killings, leaving us behind the leading users of the penalty, China, Iran, and Saudi Arabia, yet ahead of Pakistan, Iraq, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and North Korea. Today there are around 3,100 people on death row (those awaiting execution) in America. (DPIC)
The controversy over the practice of the death penalty has existed for almost as long as the death penalty itself. There are strong arguments and prospects to be considered from both sides, yet the main ones seem to stem back to a moral approach of the topic. As in many aspects of life, this moral approach is often governed by religion. In an official statement by the Roman Catholic Church it is preached that. “the Rabbinical Assembly urge the enactment of laws that mandate that some capital crimes be punishable by life imprisonment without parole” as “both in concept and practice Rabbinic leaders in many different historical periods have found capital punishment repugnant”.(The Rabbinical Assembly) These religious statements lead to resentment of the death penalty, as they are closely followed by thousands and are considered to some ‘concrete evidence’ of the moral injustices of the punishment of death. But is this concrete or a matter of interpretation?
In certain interpretations of the bible it can be concluded that God calls for the capital punishment in cases of intentional murder, In Genesis 9:6, God tells Noah that the penalty for intentional murder should be death: “Whoever sheds the blood of man, by man shall his blood be shed, for God made man in his own image.”...

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