The Death Penalty Should Not Exist In Today's Society

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A man is standing there with a noose around his neck. When there is a signal, the rope is cut, and the man’s body is dropped through the trap door. He is hanged like that in front of a crowd, which is even including old people and small kids. Is there anybody thinks about how would a child react if he had to witness such a horrible scene? An execution takes one’s life to warn the community with the hope that the crime rates would go down. But it is extremely cruel, and it makes people feel like they are living in the ancient world when there are no human rights. Now the world is evolving in the way of civilizing, so execution should be kicked out of this society because instead of bringing benefits to the community, the execution brings a lot of more destruction.
There is a common knowledge that capital punishment would prevent people from committing crime. But until now, there has not been any actual statistics or scientific researches that prove the relationship between the capital punishment and the rate of crimes. According to Jack Weil, “criminals, who believe that their chances of going to jail are slight, will in all probability also assume that their chances of being executed are equally slight. Their attitude that crime pays will in no way be altered” (3). Most people commit a crime when they are affected by the influence of drugs, alcohol or even overwhelmed emotions, so they cannot think logically about they would pay back by their lives. Also, when criminal plan to do their crime, they prepare and expect to escape instead of being caught. Some people believe that the threat of severe punishment could bring the crime rates down and that capital punishment is the ultimate crime deterrent. However, in fact, the rate of the criminals who are caught is much less than the number of the criminals who are still in the society, so the benefit of deterring people from committing a crime of the capital punishment is sometimes useless. The capital punishment does not solve the society’s crime problem, so if severe punishment can deter crime, then permanent imprisonment is severe enough.
The death penalty is not only ineffective in deterring crime, but it also brings a bad trend of thinking that revenge is encouraged. The death penalty would lead the community to the thought of revenge and criminal violence. “While the death penalty inevitably executes the innocent, exacerbates the pain and suffering of families of murder victims and serves no penal purpose, the worse damage it does is to a society that believes it needs to seek revenge over redemption” (Lesniak 5). Someone kills another one, and then they are killed. What is the lesson of that? It is the chain of violence is never going to stop. The death penalty is actually an emotional revenge, and it is a fact that revenge would not ease the pain of the victims’ families. Many victims’ families against the death penalty because it does not heal their wounds, and it even causes more pain. The...

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