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The Debate On Homosexuals Adopting Children

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People may ask them self, is it acceptable for a homosexual marriage to adopt children? Would children be affected mentally being adopted by a homosexual marriage? Does it make the child happy? Some people say it’s better for a child to be in a gay marriage home than in foster care homes. In the other hand, other people say that it’ll affect children mentally and will be raised in the wrong way.
In an online blog, Alpen Gideon describes the discussions people have over homosexual marriages adopting children. One of the discussions is that the child could become gay for being raised by a homosexual marriage. Parents are the role models that the children look up. I do not agree that kids being raised by two of the same couples will turn out to be gay. I’m not saying that every child will become gay, but they will be affected someway. In the other hand, the children do have a disadvantage. Kids that have a mother and a father are going notice the difference. That doesn’t mean that the children are worthless, although they might be treated differently. Children are picked on when other children know that they are being by the same sex marriage. This is not good because it will cause the children confusion. When children are going from being toddlers to teenager, experts explain, how they tend to look up to their parents and want to imitate them. People think that this is normal. That’s why we have so many gay people now, it's so out of control.
People are not used to seeing two dads or two moms with children. A young man explained how he was raised by two women, in an online survey. He explains how he lacked what every son needed, which was to grow up as a man. He had no one to teach him how to fix things, how to take charge, and how to play sports. The same thing applies for the young ladies that will soon become woman. In my point of view, marriage will always be between a man and a woman. In order for a child to have a healthy, natural, and proper childhood, they must be raised by a man and a woman. A child must always have a mom, carrying out motherly tasks, and a dad, carrying out fatherly tasks. Even if a gay couple loves each other, they will be unable to naturally raise their children with the same motherly and fatherly roles.
Statistics reported on the 2000 Census, about 65,000 children lived with same sex parents. In 2012, 110,000 live with gay parents, over a 100% increase. This means that a lot of children have been affected in different ways. Children need a mother who teaches a daughter all the things she needs to know and do as she grows in becoming a teenager. The father does the same things for his son on educating him. There are many children who have grown without knowing what their adult role is like. Some men that were raised with a homosexual family didn’t know how to change a tire. His role was changed to be more like cooking and house cleaning. The cause of this was because he had two moms and didn’t have a manly figure to...

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