The Debate Over Animal Testing Essay

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Currently there are millions of animals being used for testing for such items like make-up and hair products. When thinking about what these mice, rabbits, cats, dogs and multiple other animals have to endure for such testing it comes to mind that there has to be another way; however, there are other important testing these animals are being used for. Just like testing for cosmetics these animals are also being use for medical testing in trying to find cures for not only human diseases, but also animal illness too. There are many different situations that need to be considered and there are many pros and cons to support both side of this subject that I believe need to be analyzed that go far beyond just the ethical and humane rights for these animals. So the question is should animal testing be aloud? There is not right or wrong answer to this question, rather many different scenarios that need to be viewed to make a choice on what you believe the answer is.
The first question I ask myself is why use animals? Then that leads me to ask what kind of alternatives there are instead of using animals for all these types of testing. According to “Animal Testing” (n.d.) “mice are 98% genetically similar to humans” so this shows a clear reason being the similarity between humans and animals. It would be inhumane to test these items first on humans so that leave us with using animals’ instead because it is the closest comparison to the human body system we can find. The problem that is brought up is there is no difference between the inhumane and cruelness that these animals are being treated with to benefit the needs of humans. Why is it considered to be inhumane to do testing on humans but it is considered to humane and tolerated to do it to these animals. The way this world is developing and the constant upgrading with new technology there must be other alternatives to consider. With that being said it lead us to the next question which is how accurate the results are compared to the animal testing. There are many test that can be done now with the proper research. All this can be done without any animals being used in tested by simply using these new forms of test done in a test tube or petri dishes. The pros of these procedures are first the fast speed of time that results can be gathered. These types of processes are much faster and easier to get the result verse the time it takes to analyze the data gathered with animal testing. Another pro would be the fact that no animals are being used or harmed in the process. They are using actual human cells with these test to analyze the reaction so they can see the different types of things that may happen if an actual human was to use the product being tested. The cons on the other hand would be that even after the test tube testing people believe it is still too dangerous to just jump into human trail testing. Just because they are using human cells to test the material that does not show you the...

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