The Debate Over Capital Punishment Essay

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The debate over capital punishment has been raging on for countless number of years. Capital punishment has been used for thousands of years due to the physiological fear it inflicts on the people who witness and learn about the death penalty. The use of this punishment has helped to reduce crime and alter the minds of future criminals to deter them against committing heinous crimes such as murder, treason, espionage, terrorism and in some cases aggravated kidnapping. Advocates say it deters crime while abolitionists say it is unconstitutional. It is historically shown that the use of capital punishment is justified. Capital punishment should be upheld due to its constitutionality, morality, and deterrence against heinous acts.
The constitutionality of the death penalty is justified. The courts in the United States have no right to deny capital punishment to those who have committed crimes that we consider to be utterly wrong. “To interpret the constitution, democratically elected legislatures rather than courts decide social and public issues.” (Scalia 2011) This means that the death penalty is a permissible legislative decision. The death penalty is constitutionally sound because it is conducted in a private manner. The execution will take place in a closed private building that only certain citizens are allowed to attend and view. “Executions have changed drastically since the public executions in the 1700’s.” (Wikipedia 2011) This has helped to sway public opinion towards the use of capital punishment. Capital punishment does not violate the 8th amendment in the constitution. “The U.S. constitution specifically allows for the death penalty to be imposed as a criminal sanction.” (Scalia 2011) The implementation of the death penalty is physically written into the constitution thus giving the government the right to execute criminals when considered necessary. Since the death penalty is administered fairly, it is constitutionally abiding. “The uses of modern day capital punishment techniques have never been seen as cruel or unusual.” (Marquis 2007) In other words, no execution has been botched while using the modern U.S. capital punishment system such as gas chamber, shooting squad, electric chair, or lethal injection. In short, capital punishment is constitutionally abiding and is administered fairly.
Implementation of capital punishment is morally justified. Most abolitionists say the death penalty is not administered humanly, thus it is not moral. The 34 states that still use the death penalty have switched to lethal injection for their preferred method of execution. This method is painless due to combination of certain chemicals that have been scientifically engineered to be as painless as possible. Our country still exercises methods of execution because the system has been proven to work. The use of the death penalty is an acceptable punishment for murder as explained by the author Carmical. “It is morally wrong not to execute a...

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