The Debate Over Capital Punishment Essay

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The Capital Punishment is a sure punishment. Sure punishment in the sense that the convicted never commits another crime, namely a homicide, again. People that oppose it support the argument that as human beings we shouldn’t take the responsibility of judging who should and shouldn’t die. That argument is backed by moral reasons, whether they are religious or simply ethical beliefs. Another argument against it is the fact that an offender facing the death penalty does not deter them from following through with the murder. The arguments for the death penalty are expense for an execution is cheaper and occurs nowhere near the frequency of housing an inmate, the convicted is sure to never offend again, and people are deterred from committing any homicide. Cost, morality, and facing punishment are held in mind when determining the effectiveness of deterrence regarding the death penalty.
Arguments against the Death Penalty
Many arguments for how something does not work tends to begin with cost. The average cost for a death penalty $600,000 in California and $50,000 per inmate serving life. The eventual cost is $6.4 million as the life in prison cost raises to $150,000 per after age 55 . The death penalty is carried out nowhere near the frequency of a life-imprisonment sentence. The price is small and accrues over time, also after the inmate turns 55 the cost is a fourth of what a death penalty case costs. Taxpayers already have to pay taxes to support social security, supplemental incomes, unemployment, State and Federal taxes, as well as taxes for certain items that can be purchased. The offender does not think about the cost. They simply want to meet their goal and deal with the punishment later. In fact 88% of the nation's top criminologists showed the death penalty is not a deterrent in a 2009 study .
Who is born with the right to take the life of another? No one, we are all human beings and should value life. Taking the life of a murderer is just lowering us to their level and way of reasoning. For the religious, only a higher power or one vested with the ability from a higher power may sentence a person to death. Sadly for each state that carries out the executions have a higher rate of murders than other states . Simply because we can give birth to new life does not grant us the power to take life. We are not at war with murderers and at sentencing we are not defending anyone, but determining beyond a reasonable doubt the individual should be found guilty. Life-imprisonment is better as we can even continue to study the mind of a murderer to better understand and prevent. Some of the convicts sentenced to death have loved ones, and making them go through the same pain as the murder victim with loved ones is not correct. A reasonably moral person would pursue an understanding and rehabilitation of the murder and their loved ones. If a basis for the punishment is to make an example of a murderer, then the...

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