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The Debate Over Legalizing And Taxing Marijuana

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"If the words ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’ don't include the right to experiment with your own consciousness, then the Declaration of Independence isn't worth the hemp it was written on."
Terence McKenna stated that. Even though legalizing and taxing Marijuana will cause a few problems, raise wages, and some cause more DUI’s and/or accidents there is many benefits as well. I am on the side of legalizing marijuana for many reasons. I agree there is down sides to legalizing Marijuana but then again many of the problems will only last a few weeks or months. Taxing Marijuana will bring in billions of dollars the government has been losing for years. Those billions of dollars in ...view middle of the document...

So legalizing and taxing Marijuana and treating it like alcohol only selling it in select stores for people ages 21 and up will cause it more difficult for teens to consume.
Many Americans believe if we legalize marijuana, then the pay for paramedics and police men and women would be higher, causing the rest of us to pay higher taxes. That is where they are wrong. All Americans wouldn't pay taxes just the ones who decide they rather be stoned or high than be sober. Tax the drug really high and the extra pay for police men/women is paid for by the ones causing the wage go up. Making the pot smokers pay so highly for a drug will also slow down how much they smoke. A great example looks at the rate tobacco sold when tobacco prices went up.
“Anyone who wants to get marijuana can.”(Woodruff) Clearly stated that if you don't legalize and tax marijuana there will be no difference except now Government makes money off of it. If marijuana is legal or not its smoked everywhere from people of all races, ages and gender It’s our choice if we want to pay the government for the weed we smoke or if we pay our “private dealers”. We decide if we allow people under 21 to smoke. We can decide how strict or how many regulations there are on the drug rather than let it be a free market for anyone. We America could be making billions of dollars. We could have been making billions. Instead we allow marijuana to be a free market drug that the government, the states, no one can stop or slow down without regulating it.”Parents are being presented with problems they can’t control or regulate nor can the...

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