The Debate Over Paying Ncaa Athletes Or Not

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Many people believe that players in the NCAA should not be paid for the sports they play, yet others believe that since they’re risking their future and injury that they should be paid. NCAA players should be paid for the sports they play but only the elite players should be paid. For example players such as Johnny Manziel from Texas A&M, Jameis Winston from Florida State and Tre Mason from Auburn should be paid for their success in college Football, these three players produced numbers this season that people haven’t seen in years, and many analyst believe that they need to be rewarded with money for their success as great football players. The debate of college athletes being paid or not began basically as soon as the NCAA was formed. There’s no debate that only Division 1 athletes should be paid because they worked the hardest to get to where they’re at.
The NCAA began in 1906 and was started by president Theodore Roosevelt. It was made to "encourage reforms" to college football practices in the early 20th century, which had resulted in repeated injuries and deaths and "prompted many college and universities to discontinue the sport." After this began the Chancellor Henry MacCracken of New York University organized a meeting of thirteen colleges and universities to initiate changes in football playing rules. As the college athletics grew, the view of the nation’s athletics programs changed, forcing the NCAA to create three different levels of collegiate athletics. In 1973, the Association’s membership was divided into three competitive divisions 1,2 and 3. “Five years later, Division 1 members voted to create subdivisions 1-A and 1-AA in football.” It wasn’t until the 1980’s until they allowed women to play collegiate sports. Recently many people have been considering if college athletes should be paid for the sport they play. NCAA players should be paid for the sports they play because they’re still risking injury trying to make it to the pros, and still many players get injured playing in college and in the end, end up with nothing.
Only the Division 1 Elite athletes should be paid. For example Johnny Manziel should be paid for what he has done for Texas A&M. Whenever someone mentions college football he is usually the first person recognized in general conversation. Many believe he is the face of the NCAA and should be paid for that reason. Johnny Manziel got the nickname “Johnny Football” for being an elite QB in College. He won the Heisman Trophy during his freshmen year in college and racked up numbers that college football hasn’t seen in years this season. His numbers include 300 hundred completions on 429 passes this past season. He threw for 4114 yards and completed 69.9% of his passes. Johnny also had 37 touchdowns with his longest being a 95 yard one this season. (ESPN. "Johnny Manziel Stats." Http:// ESPN, n.d. Web). This season he led his team to the Chick-...

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