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The Debate Over Taxing Fatty Foods

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The Debate Over Taxing Fatty Foods

Madam/ Mr chair, ladies and gentlemen.

Of course the introduction of the fat tax, doesn't instantly ensure
that obesity levels and overweight issues will immediately drop and
that medical problems related to obesity will suddenly disappear, but
it does increase the average persons incentive to stop and think about
what they are doing to themselves and become aware of the dangers they
inflict on their bodies.

The increased price of a muffin compared to maybe a fruit salad
costing half the price and carrying half the calories, is bound to
appeal more then a stodgy, fat packed, mound of dough destined to
morph you into its twin. I mean I'm not trying to make you think that
a single, tiny, little muffin will immediately turn you into Mr.
Blobby,- but combine together all those single, tiny, little muffins
and the outcome I assure you- will not be to your advantage or

Even though you may be as thin as a been pole and weigh less then the
average person, it doesn't mean that you can stuffyour face with as
much 'junk' food as you wish just because it doesn't show- for though
you may not gain in weight or size- the cholesterol and your sugar
intake will greatly affect your body. Heart attacks for example, are
direct consequences of high cholesterol intake.

I mean have any of you ever looked inside your kettle? - if you have,
you'll have noticed that it is coated in layers of hard, brittle,
solid lime scale which in due course will clog up the spout and stop
the flow of water.- Now- imagine exactly the same scenario but this
time instead of a kettle, your arteries and instead of lime scale,

The cholesterol clogs up your arteries and like lime scale,
solidifies. After a while the layers may grow so thick that pieces may
break off and may block the flow of blood- preventing the blood
reaching the heart and voila- you have a heart attack!…. Of course, in
this case- we don't have the option of running out to the shops and
buying a new life.

It's just not worth it. You would have thought that we would have
learnt through our own misery or at least that of others, that these
tragedies can so easily be averted. This debate on whether fatty foods
should be taxed should not be taking place- there are so much more
important issues to be dealing with- but instead we spend our time
trying to fight a battle which we started though ignorance and our
continuing refusal to grasp with reality.

In the average medium or lower class family in the UK, the case may be
that either both parents work full time or part time jobs -and at the
same time look after a family at home.

Seriously- Say you were one of these parents. After a whole day's
hellish slog in the office or work place- would you honestly look
forward to...

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