The Debate Over Teaching Evolution In Schools

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Evolution is the process of how life has evolved over time. Many different people think different about evolution and how the world and everything in it came about. Some people think that evolution is how everything came together. Where we started off as a bunch of molecules formed and bunched together to create the world. Others believe that we came about from God. The master that created us all with the power of his hands. But when it comes to school how should we treat this situation? Some say that if evolution is being taught then God’s way should be too. Which if you really look at it that is the fair and right thing to do. Although, they also say to completely cut out evolution and just not teach either of them since we can’t come to an agreement that fits everyone’s beliefs. In my perspective evolution should be taught in school along with Gods ways. Without evolution being addressed then we cut out a big chunk of science that needs to be taught. In the same way, teaching about how God created the world lets kids think among themselves what they believe by giving an opposing side
In the articles “Critiques of Darwinism Evolution Should Be Taught in Science Class” an “Intelligent Design Should Not Be Taught in Science Class” they point out why they think evolution should/shouldn’t be taught in schools. In the article “Critiques of Darwinism Evolution Should Be Taught in Science Class” shows how Stephen Meyer and John Campbell think that evolutionary theory should be taught in class because it is the only perspective on how life was originated over time. They state that they (science teachers) are just educating students on the world. They aren’t bashing religions or trying to tell the students to go against their beliefs and pick a side. Campbell says that schools should use a technique called “teaching the controversy” where the teachers state competing views and explain the arguments. I think that this would be a good way to kind of calm all the arguments that is going on because the teacher is talking about both religious and scientific views, not just scientific. “Intelligent Design Should Not Be Taught in Science Class” shows what Craig Nelson thinks who is a Biology professor. Nelson explains that Intelligent design (another word for creation by god or a higher power) as he states is not science, it is an unambiguously religious position. With evidence that also George W. Bush hired his own official science advisor also agrees that “intelligent design is not a scientific concept. This is what turned to everyone arguing and stating that if something is not science than it should not be taught in a high school science class. Why is intelligent design not scientific? We go back to the article about evolution being taught in science classes. Campbell and Meyer state that there is still some questions out there that we are still trying to find out about evolution. For example, scientist still do doubt that all organisms have evolved from...

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