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The Debilitating Experience Of Hearing Voices In One's Head

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Hearing voices is considered to be a defining symptom of having a mental illness. The experience of these voices can often be categorised as a debilitating condition that can cause an extreme impact on daily life by weakening or disrupting contact with reality (Kalhovde, Elstad and Talseth 2013). However, according to the Mental Health Foundation (N.D) this is not always the case as many people hear voices but never find them to be a problem or feel as if they need to seek help from mental health services.
In order for this assignment to be written, a visualisation was produced as part of the process. The idea behind this was to create a strong focus on one particular aspect of a mental health issue which would then allow a question surrounding this specific topic to be developed. The visualisation was presented in the form of a pair of headphones which suggested the idea that once a person has a pair of headphones either in their ears or covering their ears and music is playing then it is only them that can hear what is being played. In relation to the topic of hearing voices, the particular voices that an individual may experience can never usually be heard by another person and are often unique to that one individual, just like the music playing through the headphones would be the choice of that one individual. A question was established with the primary focus being on the management of hearing voices and what can be done to continue living life normally without this experience causing negative effects to the individual. This idea will be linked to the harsh topic of stigmatisation and labelling and how this can affect an individual’s ability to manage the voices to an extent that they feel comfortable. This assignment will aim to create a greater understanding of hearing voices and consider the idea that not everybody who hears voices is diagnosed as being mentally ill, yet they can still experience the same signs and symptoms that can often be associated with mental illness. Relevant legislation will also be addressed in order to highlight the policies and procedures that are put in place in order to protect those who suffer with mental illnesses as well as various organisations that provide support for voice hearers to reassure them that they are not alone.
It can be difficult to make people aware of the idea of hearing voices, particularly if a person has never experienced something like this before but understanding the occurrence of voice hearing can be helpful for society as a whole. Rethink Mental Illness (N.D) argue that “around one in 10 of us hear voices that are not there and that it is not as rare among the general population as what was initially thought”. Baker (2014) highlights that for some hearing voices can be a very disturbing experience, not only for the person who is hearing the voices but also for their family and friends who may find it difficult to relate to what they are experiencing. Very little has been written on...

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