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The Decade Of Change Essay

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The 1960’s: Decade of Change
There is many decades that people would call the Decade of change but the 1960’s is the decade that changed the most. The 60’s was a very crazy and wild time because of the historical events that happened. Everyone was starting to experiment with LSD and Other kinds of drugs. There was also a huge surge of musical history that had happened in the 60’s that changed the History of music forever. The 60’s is what I like to call the best decade in history. The 60’s is the decade of change because of the political, technological, and Musical advances that happened in America. The music industry went from poor to the number one hit in America. The technology went from ...view middle of the document...

Another person who played a very important role in the civil rights movement was Malcolm X. Malcolm spoke about what he believed in also he would speak about the unfair treatment that the African Americans had which is why he and Mlk were involved in the civil rights movement. When Malcolm and Mlk were assassinated it was a horrible time, But they did so much to help America and just because of the speeches they made and what they believed they changed the history of America. In today day everyone gets along and it wasn’t like the old days because these two men made everyone realize we are all the same. After the civil rights movement being passed things got better between the blacks and whites over time. In the 60’s JFK was also Assassinated and on the day of his assassination he could have been safe but JFK thought that is was such a nice day that he told the guards to “Put the top down” (Vook 9).
Next was the space race. “The Space Race, begun by the Soviets in 1957, was highlighted by Alan Shepard, the first American in space in 1961” (Goodwin 4). The space race helped allot in giving NASA new ideas on what to build to get to space and it gave them plenty of feedback on what they did right and wrong. The space race helped America become more advanced in technology and led up to the first Americans on the moon. “Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, in Apollo XI, were the first men to walk on the moon in 1969” (Goodwin 4). Without the space race America may have never gotten to the moon. Without the space race we may not even have satellites. Without satellites in todays world America would be nothing because satellites control this whole country and without them we wouldn’t have T.V., cellphones, games, and the Internet The space race also helped allot with the way we fly into space today. The space race changed everything because everyone wanted to beat each other to the moon but the reason it helped is because without the start of the race America may have never even been to the moon yet. If the space race didn't happen then we might not even have the kinds of high tech aircrafts that we have today.
Then in the Bay of Pigs "Fidel Castro, soon after overtaking Cuba, declared that he was a communist, the United States broke off diplomatic relations. Castro seized American property. The CIA attacked Cuba in an ill-fated mission at the Bay of Pigs. In 1962, a spy plane identified long-range missiles in Cuba. President John F. Kennedy readied troops to invade Cuba, and the Soviet Union prepared to fire at US cities if we made a move"(Goodwin 4). The Bay of Pigs helped allot with the American military because they knew what they would need to fight and get to other countries just in case someone else tries to start a war. This helped allot with the advances in military weapon, which led to tanks and armored cars like there is today. The Bay Of Pigs also helped with gun advancements today the guns are so high...

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