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In the 1900s was a time of new inventions to help. The United States of America did not have a reliable way to travel by car. In 1903 Henry Ford was the person to solve the problem for the United States of America (“Ford Motor Company” 1). On June 16, 1903 Henry Ford founded the Ford Motor Company (“Ford Motor Company” 1). The Ford Motor Company was based out of Detroit, Michigan (“Ford Motor Company” 1). The company was located in an old wagon factory (“Ford Motor Company” 1). Ford Motor Company released its first car in 1903 (“Automobile Design in the 1900s, 1900-1909” 2). That first car was a Model A (“Automobile Design in the 1900s, 1900-1909” 2). The Model A was a buggy- style car (“Automobile Design in the 1900s, 1900-1909” 2). The Car was an affordable at eight hundred and fifty dollars (“Automobile Design in the 1900s, 1900-1909” 2). Henry Ford believed strongly in low-price cars, affordable for Americans at the time (“Model T: The Car for the Masses.” 1). America began to love the Model A, and its convenience to the United States of America (“Automobile Design in the 1900s, 1900-1909” 2).Before the Model A came out the Horseless Carriages where consisted more of a rich man’s toy (“Henry Ford.” 2). The Ford Motor Company started to revolutionize the way America is today.
Due to the increasing about of driving done by Americans and lack of protection from the early day cars, Americans needed appropriate clothes to drive in (“Automobile Design in the 1900s, 1900- 1909” 2). Most of the cars that came out in that time where open and exposed to the elements (“Automobile Design in the 1900s, 1900-1909” 2). One year after the Model A came out Saks and Company came out with a two hundred and fifty page catalogs all about driving fashions (“Automobile Design in the 1900s, 1900-1909” 2). The main Purpose of driving clothes where to keep the driver and passenger protected from the wind and dust (“Automobile Design in the 1900s, 1900-1909” 2). Both men and women wore dusters (“Automobile Design in the 1900s, 1900-1909” 2). Men also wore driving gloves; the gloves were made out of leather (“Automobile Design in the 1900s, 1900-1909” 2). Men also wore caps and goggles while driving (“Automobile Design in the 1900s, 1900-1909” 2). These clothing protect and further the design of cars and making drive more enjoyable.
As Driving had become a pastime in the United States of America, the Ford Motor company had come out with another car the Model B (“Henry Ford.” 3; “Model T: The Car for the Masses”). The Model B broke land speed records with the help of its driver Henry Ford (“Henry Ford.” 3). Henry Ford and the Model B went a mile in 36 seconds (“Henry Ford.” 3). In 1906, the Ford Motor Company came out with the Model N, the Model N cost six hundred dollars when the car first came out (“Henry Ford.” 3).
The next big thing for the Ford motor Company was the Model (“Ford Motor Company.” 1). In 1908 the Model T was released by the Ford Motor Company...

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