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The Decade Of The Century Essay

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The Super Bowl is the most exciting part of the year. This event keeps the world on their toes as if a ballerina dancing to perfection. The Super Bowl is not only the most exciting event of the year, it is also the most competitive event of the year. The Super Bowl only has one winner, and the victor will always be remembered in history. Nobody remembers the team that lost the Super Bowl. The only teams remembered in Super Bowl history are the teams that can call themselves the victor. The 1990s are the most competitive, important, and exciting years of American history as seen in the professional team, the 49ers, computer search engines, and corvettes.
The beginning of the 1990s is led with the first major event, the Super Bowl. This is the year that the 49ers start the decade with a world championship with two of the greatest players of all time. The year of the great Super Bowl victory won by the 49ers, head coach Bill Walsh quit his job. The head coach to lead the great 49er attack to the championship in 1990 is George Seifert. During this legendary season by San Fran, Joe Montana has one of his best seasons as a quarterback. Joe Montana this year has the best passer rating of any quarterback of 112.6. This same season wide receiver Jerry Rice broke the all time record of receiving touchdowns in a season. Jerry Rice later in the decade (1995) also breaks the receiving yards all time record by any player and is the receiver to have the most one thousand yard receiving seasons (Italia 52, Fleder 221). The incredible season by the 49ers led by two hall of famers go to the 1990 Super Bowl with a record of fourteen wins and two losses. Joe Montana receives the Super Bowl MVP in the year of 1990. After winning the Super Bowl again the next year, the 49ers become the first back-to-back national champions since the Steelers in the 1970s (Italia 38-39). The Niners in 1990 was just the beginning of the greatest decade ever as well as technology rising and receiving an enormous amount of focus by America.
Technology is getting major attention in the 1990s because of the next greatest search engine and internet providers. In 1991, Microsoft introduced the ballpoint mouse designed for laptop computers (Musolf 30). A full service internet provider entered the age of Microsoft in 1995. Toward the end of ‘95, Microsoft had made a new twenty-four hour channel called MSNBC and a new online service. Microsoft also has introduced a new version of MSN named Microsoft Internet Explorer (Musolf 32). Not only was Microsoft hot in business, but Google had began its long journey of success. The name Google is actually misspelled of the original name googolplex. Googolplex is the number ten raised to the power googol. It represents the number one followed by one hundred zeros (Gilbert 13). Google is a world wide web used by over thousands of people at an early birth. Google is founded by Page and Brin who in 1998 sold $1.67 billion worth of stock from Google. Page and...

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