The Decay Of The American Society

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The Decay of the American SocietyThe time period for the novel "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald is the roaring twenties, a time characterized by the careless pursuit of wealth and happiness, perfection among collections, and showcasing what you owned to publicly state your class stature. This novel is a portrayal of the decay of that dream, as followed by a harshly honest narrator.Nick Caraway, our eyes and ears into the story of the long islanders, begins with his visit to his high class cousins' mansion in East Egg. His attraction to the rich quickly kindles a friendship with his dubious neighbor, Mr. Jay Gatsby. Nicks role in reuniting the past lovers, Daisy and Gatsby, and watching as the corruption caved in on the relationship with almost no action in stopping the ordeal is a depiction on his morals. He was fascinated with Gatsby; by the way he sought what he wanted. The debauchery of the inner circle disgusted him, yet he was intrigued with the vulgarity of it all.Beginning with Daisy, one of the first characters our narrator comes into contact with. In any seemly perfect society, its core is normally riddled with underlying immoral issues. In an attempt to keep this time of peace, those problems stay unaddressed. Daisy is one of those characters who suppresses the festering issues, such as her husband's unfaithfulness. Her awareness of it, and ignorance of the matter, sparks her romance with Gatsby. Her lust for wealth and materialism keeps her from ever leaving her husband, which is why she never mentions her affairs with Gatsby to Tom. The chain effect of the affair is a vivid depiction of moral degradation,...

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