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The Deceit Of Day Time Talk Shows Such As Jerry Springer

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The Deceit of Day Time Talk Shows such as Jerry Springer

As you walk apprehensively onto the stage, the large audience howls those infamous expressions. You nervously seat yourself beside your fiancée not knowing what to expect; you are nervous and overcome with anxiety. Finally, Jerry, in his scratchy, high-pitched voice, utters those predictable words, "So, don't you have something to tell your boyfriend?" She turns to you, holding your hand in the most gentle and loving manner, gazes into your eyes and says, "Remember about four months ago when I disappeared that night at your parent's house? Well, that night your sister and I went to your old room and had a long talk. Since, you haven't paid me enough attention lately I have been sleeping with her ever since."
The crowd moans again, as if they did not hear her side of the story two minutes before you arrived. You suddenly feel the anxiousness that you experienced earlier quickly diminished and replaced by intense rage. You turn to Jerry while he instigates with a devilish grin, "Wow, she has been cheating with your sister, how does this make you feel?" Your anger only builds; you scream at your girlfriend and ask how she could be such a damn *%…! Jerry interrupts the somber moment and yells into the microphone, "Alright, lets meet your sister!" As you see your sister walk through the door and slob your soon-to-be ex-girlfriend, you hear that irritating chant echoing through the crowd again. You jump to your feet and lunge towards your sister, but are instantly pulled away by security guards and forced to return to this degrading dilemma asking yourself the same question you asked yourself on the plane to Chicago, "Why did I accept an invitation to this show?"
"Jerrrry, Jerrrry, Jerrrry…" Everyday, this chant is heard internationally by millions of people watching the notorious talk show: Jerry Springer. Although a decade ago the mainstream would never have imagined such depravity would appear on television, the show is now recognized and adored by many. The most rational explanation for this attraction to the new talk show genre is that it broadcasts more shocking and captivating topics. The shows are popular often because people are interested in that which they do not understand. Trash talk shows offer many divergent themes in the context of a particular show; they are important and dynamic venues that voice the unconventional views of the silent non-conformist. However, Secretary of Education, William Bennet, believes that although these shows might be popular they derogate our civilization, and that these stories should be "kept under wraps." Unaccepted views, whether accepted or not, must be made available to the public. Moreover, we should judge these ideas decisively and not those who utter them.
In the world of entertainment, trash talk shows have undoubtedly flood every open crevice on daytime television. Jerry Springer could easily be considered the...

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