The Decipherment Of Linear A And Linear B

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In 1886 an archeologists named Arthur Evans discovered an ancient stone that was engraved with mysterious writings. Through continuous investigation and research Evans made a connection between the mysterious writing system and the Aegean empire of the ancient Minoans. Later Evans discovered another unique form of writing that was very similar to the first one he discovered. Evans called these forms of writing Linear A and Linear B. Linear A and B is a form of writing systems that were used by ancient Crete. Evans named them “Linear” because the writings were formed in a linear structure instead of being a pictograph which was a very popular writing form during that time. Evans also discovered that Linear A was a predecessor of Linear B. The writing forms Linear A and Linear B opened up a new world of discovery for the archeologist of that time period. In return these writings made communications between people easier and became a stepping stone for our world a language today.
The very first breakthrough of deciphering the writings Linear A and Linear B came during the 1950’s when archaeologists named Alice Kober created a method of deciding the grammatical relationship between the symbols in Linear B. In her conclusion Kober determined that the symbols in Linear B depicted syllables instead of letters. Some of the scripts that the archaeologists found during the 20th century came from Ancient Greece, notably Mycenae, Pylos, and also Knossos which is on the island of Crete. The scripts had been encoded with Linear B writings on clay tablets. These scripts had about 90 different characters on them. Later after discovering these scripts an archeologist named Michael Ventris would be the first to decipher these writings. Ventris compared the writings from the mainland Greece to those form Crete. Certain symbols and words appeared on the Cretan texts but did not on the Greek ones. Michael Ventris then made a hypothesis that the words on the scripts...

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