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The Decision To Purchase A Car

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The decision to purchase a car is the second largest financial choice a person can make. There are a few options for vehicle financing. Since the majority of people aren’t paying cash outright for their vehicle, figuring out whether to purchase or lease the car can be overwhelming, intimidating and or confusing. Different elements come in to play when deciding whether or not leasing is right for your financial situation and lifestyle. Because the average consumer isn’t educated about the benefits of leasing a vehicle, leases are sometimes not even considered an option. I hope to highlight how there is value in leasing a vehicle, and more drawbacks when it comes to purchasing outright.
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If you are only able to put a small amount down at the time of the lease, a larger monthly payment can be expected.
Typically, a lease lasts about three years; this is also the length of time of most factory warranties. Because of this, the car is covered under warranty for any repairs for the term of the lease. Regular maintenance is still an expectation for the duration of the lease agreement. This can include oil changes, tire rotations, and any factory-recommended preventative services. Today, a few of the top manufacturers are even offering free maintenance for the first two years of the life of the new vehicle, leaving the lessee responsible for only one year of vehicle maintenance. If the lessee fails to keep the vehicle properly maintained during the lease agreement, there may be additional fees assessed at the end of the term.
If you like the feeling of driving a brand new vehicle every two to three years, enjoy peace of mind that comes with dependability, or just plain like to have the latest and greatest gadgets and safety features on the market, leasing could be the better option for you. At the end of the lease term, if you decide you absolutely love your car, there is the option to purchase it with cash, or finance the remaining balance. Where some people are concerned with mileage being a factor, rather than “turn the vehicle in” at the end, you always have the option to sell the car on your own to pay the balance, or trade the vehicle in for something else. Ultimately, there is always more than one option at the end of the lease term.
When you make the decision to buy or finance a new car outright, you take a gamble with its resale value. It’s not easy to determine what the vehicle will be worth when you’re done with it, and ready to sell or trade. Its resale value is never guaranteed at the time of the purchase. With leasing, the future value is...

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