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The Declaration of Independence: A Global History by David Armitage
The Declaration of Independence: A Global History by David Armitage is about the studying of the Declaration of Independence of the United States. Also it shows the approach of how its affected worldwide and the history and politics globally since its publication. It takes a different approach and sums up the independence, Armitage does this in three different ways, 1) A statement of the world of Independency of the American States, 2) A summary of the offenses by the King of Great Britain that lead to this break, 3) A statement of political philosophy on the rights of human beings.
Modern American’s remember the Declaration for the latter, but the first two parts that held the most importance at the time. Also governments worldwide had to decide whether to recognize the US and many declaring wasn’t enough, but force of arms prevailed on opinions. Others attacked the notions of the men in the Declaration, mostly notably Jeremy Bentham whose questions regarding how something can’t be self-evident just because one says so included a complete republication in the books appendix. The declaration would also influence the future independency of other nations present and future with a declaration of independence and an important part in the creation in whether the country was born in revolution or peacefully ceded. This often cribbed words and structure straight from the US Declaration, most strikingly in the 1945 Declaration of Independence of Democratic Republic of Viet Nam which was written by Ho Chi Minh. Other declarations are different in their goals. Armitage makes the comparison on how the US Declaration peaked of continuation friendship with British Bretheren while the Haitian Declaration made a point of starting eternal hatred of the French. This perhaps affected the reality of being enslaved instead of using slavery as a political analogy.
David Armitage in “The Declaration of Independence: A Global History” is trying to explain how the United States Declaration of Independence had a huge impact on the present and future nations creation of a Declaration of Independence for their nation. It goes in-depth on the ins/outs of how the Declaration was declared, acknowledged, how it was lacking the foundational principles that people have unalienable rights that exist regardless of the government. The government instituted by a group of people to protect those rights, that people can and should modify and abolish the government when it oversteps the bounds of protecting their unalienable rights. And that the Founding fathers felt very strongly about those principles. I felt like he was trying to get me to use the idea of Globalism by stressing that the world is fragmented into independent states that easily could be united in a US world.
Another thing to look at in this book is how he considers the Declaration of...

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