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The Decline Of Print News Essay

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It’s a question that keeps floating around in the public sphere: is print advertising and newspapers dead? The world is becoming more and more fast-paced and although, our want and need for the up-to-date news and breaking stories has not changed, the way in which we consume it has. This background report investigates and explains the downfall of the newspaper and the technological shift to online news. It will also discuss differing opinions on this relevant topic of the future of journalism from a range of reliable primary sources and investigative data.

The Downfall of the Newspaper
The newspaper industry presaged its decline after the introduction of the television and televised ...view middle of the document...

Another particular reason in which many people are avoiding reading newspapers, especially in America’s political culture, is partisan and slanted opinion. Although all newspapers tend to have a biased opinion, some papers tend to go very left-wing or right wing. In a poll conducted by Joe Kovacs, many voters said that some of the reasons why they think newspapers are dying and prefer online content is because they don’t want to ‘pay money for yesterday’s biased news when they can get today's real news for free on’ and that they believe that their daily papers are being corrupt by the government .
Despite the constant decline in interest, newspaper companies and executes should remain optimistic and consider ways to adapt to the digital world. Nick Bilton, of the New York Times, says that “newspapers and news organisations are not going anywhere” . Bilton continues to explain that the paper is dying, but it’s only a device and that news organisations should be creating a better experience for their readers by replacing print with pixels .

Technological Shift to Online and Televised News
The internet and the rapid increase of the technological advances in today’s society, is the impetus behind a new golden age for accessing the news. The benefit of using the internet to access the news is being able to tailor what you want and what your interests are. Many people favour social media and online news sites because of the immediacy and how quickly stories disseminate. Online newspapers also benefit from its seamlessness compared to printed publications; allowing readers to have to lick fingers to turn pages. It also allows online journalists to be able to constantly update and edit their articles when new facts arise, something that is not possible on a one-edition-one-a-day paper.
Dr Shayla Thiel-Stern says that the online newspaper is an experience . Online newspapers and news sites give the readers and viewers a greater power by allowing discussions and in some cases providing the email addresses of reporters and editors . The combination of infotainment, interactivity, information along with being able to package news stories together with other related articles, graphs and videos gives readers more context gains more popularity due to its ‘entertaining’ quotient.

The above infographic depicts just how much of an impact the internet and social media has on journalism. These high profile news stories broke first via Twitter and Facebook; including such stories the discovery and death of Osama bin Laden and the royal wedding announcement and ceremony details . These are all examples of how Twitter and other social media outlets allow for citizen journalists to break news for printed mediums.
Even universities have begun to understand how the world and the journalism industry are shifting and have adapted many of their journalism and communications degrees. Institutions including the Australian Catholic University , Queensland University of...

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