The Deep Water Horizon Oil Disaster

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The winter of 2009 I worked with the Coalition to Restore Costal Louisiana to plant mangroves on a small island in Venice, Louisiana. I believe it was a man-made island that was created by diverting the sediment water from the Mississippi River. It was probably about 2000 ft. long by 1000 ft. wide. Anyway, we were transported to the newfound strip of land by airboat. We spent 3 days going back and forth from the launch to the island transporting the young seedlings. The following 4 days where spent planting these young plants on the mosquito laden island. After a lot of work we where finally we were done! Months past and it was now April 2010 when the Deep Water Horizon oil disaster ...view middle of the document...

It is hard to argue against that while sipping a cup of joe that’s beans came from the jungles of Columbia just 5 days ago.

The majority of environmental proponents believe that the petroleum industry is the direct cause of environmental damage. One example of how environmentalists show the troubles of the petroleum industry is: Louisiana’s destroyed coast. The oil industry cut and dredged thousands of miles of marsh for oil pipelines. Those pipelines are needed to transport crude oil from the Gulf of Mexico to the refineries closer to the city. The pipelines were cut straight thru the marsh with little thought put into the ecological damage it might cause. These pipelines have increased costal erosion and the amount of saltwater filling the freshwater marsh. Environmentalists use this example and others to prevent major corporations from making similar mistakes. They might not be able to turn back the clock but they are trying to prevent future ecological travesties.

One of the findings shown by environmental economics is that as a country gets richer, the environment first declines with industrialization, but then it improves with the new widespread wealth. That is exactly what happened during the industrial revolution. In the 1920s the economy was booming but so was environmental degradation. It got so bad in one Pennsylvanian town that forty-three percent of it population became ill from a dense smoke cloud of sulfur dioxide. With this sudden impact on the environment the government passed numerous laws and regulations regarding pollutants, clean air, and clean water. If we don’t have basic human necessities we will put the needs of the environment on the back burner. This is the view the oil industry tries to convey. When the economy is booming people have more time and money to dedicate toward improving the environment. Which is a way of saying we have to destroy the environment to have the funding to save it.

However it’s not just the oil industry that’s profiting at the Earth’s expense. Saving the Earth is a big business. So much so that last years profits of “Earth Saving” products surpassed 50 million dollars. There are many companies investing capita in the green movement, Coca Cola, Whole Foods, Wal-Mart, but the most interesting one is the Banking industry. Many bank industry giants are profiting from the green movement. Bank of America has...

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