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The Deepest Love Is Often Hidden

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Why is love so immensely powerful in this developing world? What does appearance have to do with love? Why can one person be the only inspiration in someone’s life? Why do people express their love in so many different ways? These questions represent one of the vital themes in S.E Hinton’s novel, The Outsiders. One of the eminent themes of the story is that although not always apparent, love is the strongest bond. Three major examples show this idea. The first example is Dally and Darry’s appearance and their demonstration of love. The second example is Dally’s dependence on Johnny to live. The third and final example is the way Darry treats Ponyboy compared to the rest of the boys in the gang. The three examples, exemplify the need for love; even though it may not always be perceptible, love breeds joy, motivation, friendship and most importantly, peace that allows the world to develop and thrive in the way it does and will continue to do.
There are people such as Dally and Darry that have a tough exterior and appear to be confident and manly. Yet, sometimes it is overlooked that they are still human, and they have their soft spots. Everybody in society has the right to love somebody. It may not always be obvious, but it is what keeps people together, gives them hope and a reason to live. There are many times in which what is seen on the outside, the shell, doesn’t coincide with what is on the inside. Some people end up relying on their outer image but need to search for strength, something to live for. And for many people, that is love. Love is the basis of life. Dally is a confident, strong figure, who appears hard, and shows hatred towards the world. No one would expect him to love or show any optimism for the world. But any person living in such a way would live a miserable life. He demonstrated the desperate need for something fresh, innocent, pure to love and protect; Johnny. He loved him as a brother and cared for him. Yet, he hid it because he didn’t want to look weak because he expressed love. This quote demonstrates how Ponyboy thinks of Dally, “Dally didn’t give a Yankee dime about anyone but himself, and he was cold and hard and mean. He never talked about his past or being inn jail that way – if he talked about it at all, it was to brag” (pg.90). Everybody from the gang knew that Dally loved Johnny, but Dally continued hiding it anyway. When Johnny died, Dally’s life came crumbling down. Ponyboy says, “How can I take it? I wondered. Dally is tougher than I am. Why can I take it when Dally can’t? And then I knew. Johnny was the only thing Dally loved. And now Johnny was gone” (pg.152). This represents how people see Dally as a person, but it also proves his love for Johnny. As for Darry, he has lived through some very difficult years. His parents died, and now he has to care for two young boys. This changed Darry into a stern, rigid, tough individual. This lead to Darry treating Ponyboy harshly and in some instances disrespectfully....

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