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“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” - Margaret Mead.
It doesn’t matter their age, gender, who and what they like, color of their skin, whether they are human or animals they deserve the right to be, who they want to be and not have consequences for doing it. It involves ideas like protests and petitions. A true story about activism is an 8th grader named Laurie Wolff who was upset that all of her classmates who had refused to do the animal dissections were failing the class. She had a smart idea and collected signatures from anyone who agreed with her on a petition and then testified in front of the Las Vegas School Board, urging that students should be given the option to do either a virtual dissection on the computer or do a live dissection. The school district responded by adopting and accepting the policy. Activism means fighting for what they believe is important and includes direct action to get a point across to stop it.
In particular there are many groups of people who need to fight for their rights from the past like slaves and women who had no rights to gaining them to present like immigrants who fight for their right to be in America to the future, which could be so many options like abortions illegal or legal. It doesn’t matter whether they are alive at the moment or not even on the earth yet like pregnancies they should deserve the right to live too because they are part of life now. People fight for many reasons like right to be them, right to vote, right for genders to be equal, and the right to speak their mind. Activists protest to show people that it is important to fight for what they believe in and makes the cause so much more important and proves people actually care about the situation.
Important to realize everyone can be involved in the world who are called activists that are people who fight for their rights. Their job is to use some kind the action of campaigning to bring change for a problem. Activists protest because they want to try to change the mind of the people and show them the truth on issues going on. They also believe that everyone deserves the same rights and everyone is equal no matter the differences. There are so many activists in the world fighting for different ideas to be approved like abortion activists to peace activists. Everyone...

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