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The definition of electronic door lock relates to electronic locks, and in particular, to an electronic recognition lock which automatically releases an electronically controlled door bolt in response to the reception of a coded sequence of signals transmitted by a transponder unit carried by a person desiring to open the lock. [1] We propose to improve the door-locking security system by combining many functions in an electronic door lock; we can call it as Smart Door Lock as well.

Nowadays, the house burglary cases increase days by days. Some homeowner cannot control the security of their house when he or she is not around. Besides, it is difficult to believe the neighbors and guard to ensure the safety of the house is assured during the time when nobody at home. Sometimes we are always forgetting to bring our house keys along and maybe it is troublesome for us to bring all the keys when going out. Due to the size, regular lock keys can be somewhat difficult to locate. The metal tool of the key can break off inside the lock if too much pressure is applied when turning it. Generally, a broken key inside a locking mechanism requires the replacement of the entire locking system. Regular keys that are lost render the lock as useless without the assistance of a professional locksmith. A lost key found by another individual provides that person with access to your secured property. Besides, the average lock used on most front doors is one of the easiest things to open by even a semi-skilled thief. [2] It can be sprung open by means of a thin piece of plastic such as a credit card pushed against the latch between the door and frame – an alternative criminal use of the credit card! If the door has a glass or thin wooden panel near the lock, it can be broken and a hand inserted to turn the lock from the inside. [2]

We used various solutions to improve the security level and specific function of the electronic door lock system. We have distributed questionnaire among UTeM FKEKK students to find the best functions that can be implement in the Smart Door Lock System.

Locks have been around for thousands of years, but the modern pin-tumbler lock was invented by Linus Yale Sr. in 1848. [3] Until recently, the pin-tumbler has been immune to the digital revolution. [3] But Marc Weber Tobias, global expert on locks and physical security, notes that keypad entry and wireless locking systems have been in commercial buildings for years. [3] Now, smart locks are finally coming to residential abodes as well. [3] Tobias thinks the change is due to the rise of the smartphone. [3] "In America, it's all about convenience and gadgets. If you can walk up to the door with your smartphone and touch the lock and it opens, why do you want keys?" he says, "As long as it’s secure." [3] Four examples of door lock products that are out on the market or soon to be released are: Lockitron, UnikeyKevo, August Smart Lock and Goji Smart Lock. [4]

The problems that people faced...

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