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The Definition Of Life Essay

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Life is among one of the most difficult terms to define, as it seems to have some kind of intangible, improvable element to it that defies reason and science. Life is by which all things in the universe are defined by.There are some things which are alive, and some things which are not. Generally, we can distinguish between the two on our own. But there are many instances in nature where our mere perception and scientific analysis fails us, and the question becomes more philosophic in nature.One way to approach the issue is to consider something to be alive if it undergoes all of these functions: growth, metabolism, reproduction, and response to stimuli. However, this is not enough, ...view middle of the document...

Others have asserted that just because we are set apart from lower creatures by means of our conscience and awareness does not necessarily make us more aliveThere seems to be something beyond our biological make up and structure that imbues us with life. The Bible describes life as being breathed into man by God Himself, indicating that life is God-given and thus, to an extent, supernatural. We cannot create life without the conception of man and woman; therefore, how did it come into existence in the first place? Many religious people consider the divine creation as the origin of life, while others prefer the big bang theory with the help of evolution the theory of choice.Precisely when does human life begin? Does life begin at the first moment of conception or does it begin some point further along in embryonic development? This very topic is still considered a highly contested issue. It was once believed that life did not begin until a woman felt the baby move within her. However, as we have progressed, we have found that fetal development begins as early as conception. Conception is the starting point of the process of development that leads to an embryo and, eventually, a full grown human. It is natural to conclude that life occurs at that moment. Whether it is the chemical makeup of the embryo or fetus that makes it alive or some act of God which defies understanding is impossible to prove. Yet it is my firm belief that God exists, and that He is the ultimate source of the life we encounter in this world.

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