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The Deforestation In The Ecuador’s Amazon

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The Amazon is a vast region spanning across six South America countries Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, and Venezuela (Walker, & Cesareo 2014). The Amazon is one of the most developed rainforest of anywhere in the world. Over two-thirds of all the fresh water and 20% of the earth’s oxygen are produced in the Amazons ( Despite the vital role of the Amazons, carless practices continue the rapid deforestation of the ecosystem. (Mainville, et al, 2006). The main causes of deforestation include unsustainable logging, agriculture, invasive species, fire, fuel wood gathering, and livestock grazing (Thompson, et al. 2013). The widespread of this issue is of importance in global ...view middle of the document...

org). The destruction occurring in the Ecuador Amazonian is increasing Soil erosion and forest fragmentation (Walker, & Cesareo 2014). “Soil erosion is a natural process in which wind and water remove soil. The removal of the soil roughly occurs at the same rate soil is formed. But 'accelerated' soil erosion, is a far more recent problem. The result is mankind's unwise actions, such as overgrazing or unsuitable cultivation practices” (Collins, 2001). Recent studies link the deforestation to the accelerating soil erosion process and to the leaching of naturally occurring mercury (Mainville, et al., 2006). The acceleration of soil erosion may led to land’s infertility (Pimentel, et al. 1995). Forest fragmentation is another hazard of deforestation. According to the EPA, the fragmentation process breaks up large parts of the forest into smaller pieces. The continuous fragmentation may accelerate global warming by releasing carbon stored in trees (Wade, T., 2003) The impacts of deforestation alters the flora and fauna, as well as the health of the Amazonia Indians. Infectious disease dynamics is being altered in animals and humans, strongly affecting cross-species infection rates (Pongsiri, et al 2009). “Biodiversity loss may increase species into atypical ecological interactions, which facilitate transmission. Diseases such as Lyme disease, Malaria, and Yellow Fever may be associated with deforestation” (Wilcox & Ellis, 2006). "In the Napo region, Amazon natives are suffering from malaria even though it was considered eliminated by the 1970’s. The reemerged of Malaria is mostly the result of the intrusion into the tropical forest by oil companies, and the uncontrolled colonization in the country (San Sebastian, et al. 2000). The Amazon Indians continue to lose their land, health and wealth that derive from deforestation. The impacts of deforestation often are the result of multi-billion dollar companies seeking expansion and economic growth. It is unfair and unjust for the Amazon Indians to be victims without a voice. The Amazonian Indians continue to be stripped away from what little is left of their culture, land, and community. The situation is urgent, a change need to come to finally end deforestation of what is left of the Amazon. Local and foreign advocate groups for the preservation of the Amazons...

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