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I'm going to be explaining 3 glass stores that I've grow up with; I have many experiences with all of the stores, some I visit still while some have been just a few visits left for the past. They all are targeting the same consumers just all on different levels of the same market segment. All of the shops target people who buy glass whether they be glass pipes, glass marbles, glass sculptures, as well custom metal jewelry in some. The Degenerate art movement has recently taken major interest from many; recently a huge spike in new collectors, artists, as well many new galleries and stores. The Degenerate Art Movement I am talking about is basically the glass blowers out there who are going against the social norms. They are artists that are taking a medium used for art, and a medium that has been used to make pipes and bongs and fuse the 2 ideas of art and pipes or water pipes into one. They are using glass pipes as the way to portray their talent. To some they laugh at the fact, but what they don't know is that there are water pipes out there selling for anywhere from $1,000 all the way up to $30,000. To some they are recognized as modern day living Picasso’s, and others just dirty hippies making money off a drug culture. These artists don't just make pipes though; they make things such as glass marbles where beautiful images and mind-bending ideas are encased for one to view and enjoy forever. They make amazing things like cups and plates to eat off of. I've seen some blowers do a technique referred to as Milliefiori, during which you will draw an image on a large chunk of glass; after you take the chunk and heat it up and stretch it super thin to create a long cane of the image you drew. You can cut the can and have glass coins of your image. To this date some of the grandest sculptures have come from the Degenerate Art Movement, recently done was something for the Children's Memorial Hospital Cancer Ward in Chicago have come from pipe blowers. To me this is simply amazing; there are glass sculptures by artists I respect, on the floor I was treated for my cancer when I was 5. People just don't understand art and jump the gun to judge. I had to explain this because truthfully pipes and the people making them are creating a new medium for all different levels of art. With every booming market comes its sellers, retailers, and high end resellers, I'm going to show you the 3 stores that will depict 3 different aspects of the market.
I’m going to start from what I would consider the bottom of the industry and where a lot of it starts business wise for most consumers. The shop I’m looking at is Novelties glass, this shop is strictly just a glass store, and some glass stores have studios to blow glass in them. The clerk here is foreign and very pushy to sell something, instantly he’ll tell you 50% off any pipe and you can negotiate from there. As a consumer if this doesn't make you second guess what you’re paying for your item, you need to rethink...

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