The Delay Of Development In Guyana And Getting Rid Of Class Association

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As mentioned in the first chapter , Guyana’s development is extremely important. As of right now Guyana is the only former British country that has not reached its full potential. The constrains on development in Guyana is based on geography, infrastructure and international markets. All of these constraints mentioned are very true but how do we get rid of class association. Well , we cannot get rid of class association but we can try to get rid of the affluent mind frame that comes along with class association.

How does geography delay development in Guyana well that is something that this country cannot change. Even though it is culturally related to most Caribbean nations such as Grenada, Jamaica and Trinidad its location makes it seem as if it is not apart of that culture. As a result of that there is a limited participation in trading with the international community including other Caribbean nations. Guyana is located south of the caribbean and on the northern tip of South America this location delays its economic growth because the other caribbean islands are near their trading partners which helps them control their imports and exports. Another factor is that there the development for major roads that will link Guyana to its neighbors Venezuela and Brazil has been fulfilled yet. There only discussion about it but no one has sat down and plan what to do. Another delay in development for Guyana is its poor infrastructure which also stunts its economic growth, this happens because it has to be replaced and repaired and this such construction produces jobs and gives contracts to outside companies to grow and rebuild. The only issue with that is that there may not be enough money to rebuild so it usually takes a very long time for the process to happen and the outside companies have the choice not to stay around then leaving the jobs to Guyanese companies who may not have the skills to complete the job. International markets for any country serves as a refuge for overcoming under development this occurs through importing and exporting, for Guyana the export markets are a bit unstable. Guyana’s major exports are rice and sugar which depends strongly on the interest of international markets whose interest began to slowly decline over the years.

How can Guyana successfully get rid of class association, to be honest there is no easy way to get rid of class association. Without class association how can a society actually function or even develop. For a society to actually reach its maximum potential of development you need the upper class and the upper middle class to continue to function but some adjustments need to be made. Those that are lucky enough to be in that part of society need to find a way to come together and help those that are less fortunate instead of depending on outside Guyanese community such as those that are affected by the Brain Drain who only come back to Guyana to donate what they can. The...

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