The Delivery Of Foundation Subjects In A Primary Curriculum

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Creativity in was defined by National Advisory Committee for Creativity and Culture in Education (NACCC 1999) by 4 main characteristics. The first is the use of imagination thinking or behaviour concerned with original or unusual ideas or actions. Second is using imagination to pursue a purpose relating to using imagination for purpose and having resilience to keep reinventing this. Third is originality; this is not only in reference to historic originality of anything gone before, but It can be personal originality or peer originality. Forth is judging value; explained as evaluating an imaginative activities worth in relation to a task. Wilson (2009) notes the increase of creativities stature in education and pedagogy from beyond the foundation subjects and arts during the last century. Robinson (2013) argues that modern education is still based around conformity and does not foster children’s natural inquisitiveness or creativity. My view is that education has progressed from the Victorian didactic ways of teaching, heavily influenced by the behaviourist theorist Skinner (Moore & Quintrel 2000). We are now concerned with developing the whole child as appose to simply imparting knowledge, repeating and demanding a correct response. This notion of developing the whole child, concerned with social and emotional qualities as well as academia, was central to the highly influential Every Child Matters (ECM) agenda (DfES 2004). ECM’s outcomes and aims, with respect to children’s enjoyment and achievement, highlight the importance of personal and social development.
Teaching using creative methods can help develop the whole child. It can make learning experiences more exciting, more relevant, create different contexts for learning, allow different kinds of assessment to occur and keep the child at the centre of the learning (Thomson & Sefton-Green 2011). There are many different approaches to the delivery of teaching and learning activities. I will explore three and consider how they can be employed to deliver the foundation subjects. Foundation or non-core subjects are inclusive of Art and Design, Citizenship, Computing, Design and Technology, Languages, Geography, History, Music and Physical Education (DfE 2013). Foundation subjects are often treated with less gravitas to core subjects within education. This often contributes to the ideation that they have similar status, structure and function (Jones & Robson 2008). The skills required to be a high achieving musician are considerably different to the prerequisites to have the same ability in history. Teaching using a subject based approach is the traditional approach to delivering education. The advantages have been accentuated as more rigorous explanations and understanding of subject specific topics combined with applying distinct subject knowledge (Greenwood 2013). Subject based learning’s focus is teaching for knowledge and was originally modelled around a behaviourist theory. Behaviourist...

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