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Decision Making Tools and Techniques.There are several different tool the aide in the decision making process. The Deming Cycle is just one of the techniques. The Deming Cycle is used to control improvements to projects and the required outcome.The Deming Cycle is a process used for continuous improvement efforts. The Deming Cycle increases the long term solutions to processes versus the reaction approach to problems. See Appendix A Figure 1.0 for Deming's PDCA Cycle Diagram. The Deming Cycle is also referred to as the Deming Wheel and PDCA. Dr W. Edwards Deming founded the Deming cycle.W. Edwards Deming in the 1950's proposed that business processes should be analyzed and measured to identify sources of variations that cause products to deviate from customer requirements. He recommended that business processes be placed in a continuous feedback loop so that managers can identify and change the parts of the process that need improvements. As a teacher, Deming created a (rather oversimplified) diagram to illustrate this continuous process, commonly known as the PDCA cycle for Plan, Do, Check, Act* (Arveson , 1998).The Deming Cycle consist a plan, do, check, and act. The four steps were designed to place a process in a continuous loop of improvement.The first step of Deming's Cycle is planning. In the planning stage, the team looks at the process and identifies the problem. The planning stage then looks at the current process to separate what works and what could use improvements. The planning phase uses tools like brainstorming, flowcharts, or cause and effect diagrams. Plan to improve your operations first by finding out what things are going wrong (that is identify the problems faced), and come up with ideas for solving these problems (HCi, 2005).The second stage of the Deming Cycle is Do. Do takes the results from the plan stage. The solution that is believed to be most efficient then gets implemented. Do is designed to solve the problems on a small or experimental scale first. This minimizes disruption to routine activity while testing whether the changes will work or not (HCi, 2005). An example of do is a company upgrading from Microsoft Windows 2000 Server to Microsoft Windows 2003 Server. In the upgrade project the Information Technology department does not want to risk server down time. The project would focus on transferring the data on one or a small fraction of the servers. Once the server has been brought back online, the group would track the utilization. Once there has been a group buyoff that the move from Server 2000 to Server 2003 was successful the next set of servers would be upgraded.Step three of the Deming Cycle is check. The check stage looks at what was...

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