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The Density Of An Unknown Liquid

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Density Of An Unknown Liquid Density Of An Unknown Liquid Lab (#100) Purpose : The labs purpose is to determine the density of an unknown liquid, which later on will hopefully help in the discovery of the liquid's identity.Hypothesis: I think that the unknown liquid number 100 is "Glycerol". My hypothesis is based on that the substance has a very oily texture, it is clear, has no smell, and it has a substantially high viscosity. I believe that the substance will have a greater density than water (1.0), because it seems thicker. I also believe that the unknown substance will have a moderately high viscosity because it is very thick and coats the walls of it's container.Materials: ~ No safety equipment required ~ Unknown Liquid #100 ~ Disposable Test Tube ~ Graduated Cylinder ~ Paper Towels ~ Water ~ Scale ~ Pipet Observations : The substance sat on top of the water in the tube, which means that it has a greater density then water.When I touched the substance the texture seemed very oily.The viscosity is very high in this substance because when I poured some in the graduated cylinder it poured and trickled down the sides slowly.The Substance coats the sides of the graduated cylinder very well.The substance didn't really have a smell to it.The substance is an homogeneous liquid because it is transparent. Viscosity: This substance seems to have a moderately high viscosity. It flows slower then water, but yet faster to something like honey.Discussion: I don't believe that I had any substantial errors, But I did spill some of my substance on my hand while I was pouring it back into it's container. I think that I could have maybe tried to keep the amount of substance added at the end to a lower amount instead of just dumping the rest it in the graduated cylinder. I also think that maybe with the last two trials the scale wasn't "zeroed in" because me answer was substantially lower than the rest of my answers. The substance has no smell, color (clear), and a high viscosity, which leads me to think that it is Glycerin. My density for the unknown liquid was 1.36. Which that is...

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