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The Department Of Human Services In The State Of Tennessee

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The Department of Human Service (DHS) is a national or sub national umbrella agency that was set into place to provide public assistance in different cities and regions across America (U.S. Department of Human Services, [DHS], 2011). According to Dr. Raquel Hatter, Commissioner of Tennessee, the DHS Mission Statement is; “To improve the well-being of Tennesseans who are economically disadvantaged, vulnerable or living with disabilities through a network of financial, employment, protective and rehabilitative services” (DHS, 2011). In this observation we are going to take a look at DHS in the state of Tennessee, as well as what DHS offers within their system. We will also take a look at how DHS relates to, and implements the empowerment theory, in order to help, aid, and improve the well-being of our fellow Tennesseans.
DHS offers a wider range of services, and if DHS does not provided a certain service or services that are needed for a client, DHS will certainly link clients to the appropriate networks, or agencies. DHS is not just for children or families it also provides assistance for adults and people with disabilities. First we are going to look at the programs that DHS offers for children, families, adults and people in need of disability services. DHS has several services that are provided, here are a few: “Adult Day Care, Adult Protective Services, Child and Adult Child Care Food Program, Community Services Block Grant, Disability Determination Services, Family Assistance Service Centers, Home Energy Assistance, Families First, Medicaid/TennCare, Vocational Rehabilitation, Social Services Block Grant, Weatherization, Americans With Disabilities Act, Blind and Visually Impaired Services, Community Tennessee Rehabilitation Centers, Councils and Committees, Employer services, Project Opportunity (Vanderbilt University), Child Care Services, Child Support, ” (DHS, 2011). Each of these programs aids and assets adults, families, children, and disabled clients in addressing discrimination, oppression, vulnerabilities, and conditions of inequality, as well as empowers the clients in making positive change in their lives.
Next we are going to take a look at the process in how to apply and began to use the services that DHS provides. Residents of Tennessee can go into any local DHS center and fill out an application, they can also go online and fill out the application from the comfort of their own home, or you can even request an application by mail (DHS, 2011). Once the application is filled out and turned in to DHS, the client will then be called or mailed a document telling the client that they have an appointment on a certain date, in which they will come in and talk with a case worker (DHS, 2011). Once the appointment is established the resident will go in and explain their situation to the case worker, at that time the case worker and the client will go over the client’s case (DHS, 2011). If the case worker needs further documentation...

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