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“The Depiction Of Females In The Descent Of Inanna And Genesis”

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Goddess that are either "life giving" or attempt to hinder mankind in some particular nasty way are shown in the Descent of Inanna and Genesis. The Descent of Inanna is similar to the women of today who stick up for themselves and those who succeed on their own. Enki the God of Wisdom and Waters gives Inanna the Queen of Heaven and Earth the fourteen me. She abandoned Heaven to descent into the underworld. Inanna is considered to be a powerful Goddess. She challenges the gatekeeper to enter Kur and she succeeds. Inanna was always looking for an adventure and she would do anything to gain knowledge. Even though she was stripped of her belongings she still made it past the gatekeeper. The purpose of Inanna's journey through the netherworld is to gain Truth and The Art of Love Making. The only way for her to find the Truth and The Art of Love Making is for her to go on this journey to experience and discover for herself. Most of the Goddess were not reborn, but when Inanna came to the netherworld she died, and than she was reborn. The women today are similar to Inanna. Women today have the same rights as men. Anything that a woman wants to do in today's society is possible. The feminist are still working harder to make today's women stronger or more equal to men. Inanna made herself powerful. She was curious about everything. She is very courageous and she did not let anyone get in her way. In Genesis it says that "God created human kind in his image, in the image of god he created them; male and female he created them." This quote is saying that...

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