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Abstract— As the world began to raise concerns on climate change and rapid depletion of fossil fuels, there is a need to hasten the solutions for clean energy generation with renewable sources. Solar energy has the potential as an alternative source of energy as it is renewable, universally accessible and emits very low or zero CO2 gases. Solar photovoltaic (PV) system applications are suitable in Singapore due to its equatorial location, with high solar irradiation of 17MJ/sq.m-day and the ability to generate up to 220kWh of electricity per day in combination with the country’s high rise urbanization. Despite being a small nation, the energy consumption is 37,974.2 GWh and is ranked 53 out of 216 countries which lead to high CO2 emissions. In year 2005, the total CO2 emission in Singapore is 133.85 million metric tons, ranked at 41. The government in Singapore had begun to support the need for a cleaner environment by providing incentives for building of solar PV systems in commercial sectors; one example is the Solar Capability Scheme (SCS), which has a budget of $20 million, and subsidies 30% of the total cost of cap of S$1 million per PV project..
Index Terms— CO2 gas, Solar PV systems, Fossil fuels, Singapore, electrical energy

Electrical energy is produced by combusting non-renewable fossil fuels [1] which are not infinite and will eventually be depleted. There are several models developed to calculate the depletion of fossil fuels but there are no definite answers on the actual date for depletion of fossil fuels due to constantly changing trends in consumption and reserves [2]. One of the models used for forecasting the diminishing rate of fossil fuels is the altered Klass equation as shown in Equation (1).


“FC” is the intake for fossil fuel, “R” is the fossil fuel reserves, “g” the yearly growth rate of ‘FC”, “n” is the number of year it takes to deplete [2]. From Equation (1), the estimated numbers of years for these resources to be depleted are 35 years (oil), 107 (coal) and 37 (gas) [2].

Combustion of fossil fuels produces toxin gases such as CO2 which is one of the main reasons for climate changes. A projected volume of 6,320 million metric tons of CO2 will be produced by year 2035, if the consumption of fossil fuel continues to increase. Figure 1 [3] shows the CO2 gases released which are mainly contributed by burning of fuels and electricity generation.

Figure 1 – Estimated Carbon dioxide emission from 2008 – 2035 [3]


The priority for the research and development for harnessing renewable energies needs to be given to resolve climate change and fossil fuel depletion issues.

There is a potential in solar energy as an alternative source of energy as it is renewable, ecological friendly and accessible across the world. Countries such as Germany had begun to make use of free source of energies such as solar power as a means to...

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