The Deployment Of Security Policy In Information Systems

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Database auditing is considered as a contemporary article on database due to a vital role on the database security (Abraham, etal .,2002).
There are many different of motivations that make one very excited to do this work , Nevertheless there are millions of database transactions that being executed among different of hosts all-round the organization sites. There are many question arise such as How to do some statistical analysis on database, also How to reveal out the crimes that the database is vulnerable to.
Surrounding the world that fully of millions of end users part of this huge figure doing malicious activities that may create crises and Misleading ,thus, firms depend on the information that being manipulated on the database and as it has been noticed the information is strategic material on organization.
With the many of database crimes it is very difficult to determine the person that is responsible of some malicious activities in the database, therefore, database auditing implementation is generated to stand behind this issues wherever a crimes appears on an organization.
On other hand the database auditing implementation assist on the assessment of our organization’s behaviors, attitudes, and rationality in dealing with organizational database.
Within the technological competence awareness is important, different security solutions have been presented and the best solution is to audit the database logs, actions on database and any alteration on the objects of database to avoid any data modification.
Through revolution of information technology (rapid, vast technology) Database auditing implementation should afford the velocity and power full to monitor the database activities. Moreover, we are in a bottle neck, especially with the rapid development of networking scheme.
Thousands of end users that manipulating data on the database to be use as ultimate information on the hand of the manager in order to make an accurate decisions have to be monitor a database.
Any changes to these data may affect the situation of the organization on the market from the economical point of view. The change of data is drawbacks and big clashes that face the organization staff to stand behind.
The work on database auditing implementation afford to us a best way in order to examine the officially the employees in any organization the preciseness, accuracy and maturity in dealing with the organization’s information.
The database auditing implementation provides the performance appraisal of database, the efficiency and reliability to shear out the misleading that come from the unmonitored database.
In today’s high data transaction environments, there is always a requirement to monitor what is going on within a system.
An auditing frame work for determining whether a database disclosure of information adhered to its data disclosure policies. Users formulate audit expressions to specify the (sensitive) data subject to...

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